Sunday, August 16, 2009

Greetings from Nowhere

I'm sutck in the middle of the Adirondacks with so many aunts and uncles yapping about dead bugs. I say to myself, welcome to hell.

Anyway, I just got here yesterday, and almost immediately I went into town and grabbed some cards. This guy had mix packs of all kinds of stuff. So I but and got 5 packs of crap. You could see the front and backs had a few good cards, like Jeter, Posada, Howard, Cal, Gwynn and even an All Time Fan Favorites Card.

Pack 1-
2000 Topps Derek Jeter. I love this set, and I'd love to complete it, so Jeter helps that cause.
2003 Donruss Champions Jorge Posada. I always hated this set. It was mire of a high end products with stripes and shapes. Then UD recreated it as UDX
2006 Allen and Ginter Brad Penny
1988 Donruss Tony Gwynn
1991 Donruss Tony Gwynn. GYWNN-JO!
2003 Stadium Club Hank Blalock. Wow, and actual Stadium Club set!
1991 Studio Mark McGwire. Great sets, and another McGwire.
2003 Studio Josh Beckett. The set's birth and the set's death all in one pack!
2001 SP Authentic Mike Hampton. Great, another mountain.
2003 Topps Chrome Rich Aurillia

Pack 2-
2006 National Baseball Card Day Albert Pujols. PU-JO!
2003 Donruss Cahmpions Torii Hunter. AGAIN WITH THE CHAMPIONS!
2000 Revolution Jermaine Dye. OOOOOH, Shiny!
2005 Leaf insert Ivan Rodriguez. PUDGE-JO!
2002 Topps Ryan Dempster
2003 Stadium Club Carlos Delgado
2007 Turkey Red Dan Uggla
1998 Leaf Rookies and Stars Andres Galarraga. Cat would fall under the latter
2005 SP John Smoltz
2007 SP Hanley Ramirez. SP-MANIA
2007 Ultra Carlos Zambrano Gold.
2002 Bowman CC Sabathia. WOOOOO! CC!
2002 Fleer Eric Gagne, back when he wasn't getting released.
1995 Studio Garret Anderson Credit Card. I don't get this insert set.
2007 Allen and Ginter Dick Perez sketch card Ryan Howard. Can't get enough Perez!

Pack 3-
2003 All Time Fan Favorites Mike Schmidt. I LOVE THIS SET! IT'S SO COOL!
2007 SP Authentic Insert Garret Atkins. Card of the guy who's always smiling on his Topps Cards
2004 Fleer Authenix Bernie Williams. Another great set.
2003 Donruss Classic Barry Larkin. Somehow, I keep getting the Larkins and Dan doesn't.
2002 Fleer Omar Vizquel
1999 Fleer Tradition Insert Troy Glaus. Wow, I get cards of the guys I got game useds of last week
1998 Leaf Rookies and Stars John Smoltz. Smoltzie is a star.
2007 SP Chris Carpenter.
2001 Fleer Triple Crown Mike Sweeney. What happened to this guy?
2002 Bowman Roy Oswalt.
1998 UD Mo Vaughn
2007 Topps Finest Ryan Howard.

Pack 4-
2005 Donruss Champions Derek Jeter. AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!
2001 Donruss Pedro Martinez. What a comeback.
2002 Fleer Ramo Hernandez. On the A's
2005 Fleer Tradition Jon Garland.
1998 Fleer Tradition Mike Piazza Checklist.
2002 Fleer Tradition Ben Sheets. This guy disappeared too.
2003 Fleer Focus Paul Konerko
2006 Turkey Red Jorge Posada.

Pack 5-
2007 SP Legendary Cuts Tony Gwynn.
2003 Donruss Classics Roy Oswalt.
2004 SP Authentic Ivan Rodriguez. Everyone so far I have gotten already in this pack.
2001 Fleer Futures Jacque Jones. Sacre Bleu! A new player I haven't seen before?
2003 Fleer Focus Lance Berkman. I have been getting too many Berkmans
2007 SP Trevor Hoffman
2007 SP Legendary Cuts Roy Campanella. My grandma saw this one and loved it.
1997 Topps Finest Cal Ripken Jr. CAL-JO!

Overall, it was okay, the highlights being Schmidt, Campanella and Ripken. Will be going to cooperstown soon so stay tuned for that.

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