Sunday, August 9, 2009

Card Show- Awesomeness

Today was yet another card show, this time at a more local mall. This one had a lot of awesome cards, and for once the pack guy didn't make it. Don't know why. Might've been at a money convention. I went this time with fellow card collectors Dan and Scott, and we all got some really cool stuff.

One collector had 2009 stuff for 10 cents each, and I gave in.
Allen and Ginter-
22- Mariano Rivera
5- Luke Hochevar. Two closers

Topps Series 2-
455- Adam Jones. I saw Mr. Jones play at Camden Yards last week. Awesome player.
527- Jason Isringhausen.
592- Fred Lewis.
629-Lyle Overbay
630- AJ Burnett
651- Jake Westbrook.
636- Armando Galaraga. May or may not be related to Andres.
354- Mike Aviles MSPaint Error.
615- Robbie Cano. I thought I had this one.

Also, some other Topps stuff that was pricier.

490- Joba Chaimberlain. Awesome player.
658- Rick Porcello Throwback.

There was an elderly woman and son selling $2 Jersey cards, so I got:
2005 Donruss Diamond Kings Troy Glaus, numbered to 200.
2003 Donruss Studio Barry Larkin, Numbered to 300

The same old woman had 10 cent bins, so once again, I bit.

1996 Topps Edgar Martinez. My uncle's fave player.
1993 Topps Jose Canseco. Steroid cowboy on the Rangers.
2002 EX Fred McGriff. I love this set.
2003 UD Sweet Spot Troy Glaus.
1992 UD Bo Jackson. Hard to have a Card Show post without Bo.
1993 UD Dave Winfield. On the Twins.
1993 Topps George Brett. One of his last seasons.
2994 Topps Carlos Delgado/Jason Kendall Rookie.
1992 Donruss Jim Thome Rookie.
1995 Skybox Insert of Jeff Bagwell.
1992 Stadium Club Joe Carter. I still have painful memories of this guy dancing around after hitting a World Series ending homer off of Son of a Mitch Williams.
1996 Select Dennis Eckerlsey. On the Cardinals.
1992 Donruss Eddie Murray on the Dodgers
1993 SP Jose Canseco. On the Rangers.
1992 Donruss Fred McGriff
2003 Topps Rafael Pamiero
2003 Topps Barry Larkin
2003 Studio Ivan Rodriguez. On the Marlins.
2003 Studio Larry Walker
2003 Studio Mark Grace

Overall, great show. I might be going to the Valley Forge Show next month, so stay tuned for that.

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