Saturday, August 15, 2009

Custom Card of the Day

I made this one off a Doc Gooden rookie back in 85. I cut him out of it (Sota like he cut himself out of baseball) and put in Johan. I think it went pretty well.

Also, I must apologize to all seeing eye dogs, Andy Reid, the city of Philadelphia and Michael di- excuse me, Vick, for yesterday's tornado of a rant. I must say it went a little too far, and I'm sorry. But make no mistake, Michael Vick. You are still ON NOTICE

On a somewhat lighter note, I will be heading to New York. No, I'm not going to a Yankees game, but yes I wish I was. I'll be spending a week in Lake George, NY. I'll be getting a cabin with some family members up there, and they have a card shop up in the village, so expect cards to come from that. Also, I will be trekking up to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown with my Ebbets loving Grandmother. This is my 3rd time, her 1st and the last for neither. Yes, I am bringing a laptop, so you will still see my antics up in the Adirondacks

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