Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cooperstown Haul

I'm back.

I have returned from Cooperstown (Yeah, I'm still stuck in the Adirondacks, though) and I have some sweet cards to share as usual.

I ended up falling pray to the wax in the gift shop. Yeah, I know. I bought 2 packs of Goudey and 1 pack of Allen and Ginter.

69- James Loney.
263- Brian Duensing
39- Hanley Ramirez
309- KosFu
National Pride of Derek Jeter
Jeff Suppan mini

The Yankees- Phil Hughes, Mark Texiera Heads Up
The UD Insert- Jim Edmonds
The Tigers- Curtis Granderson, Carlos Guillen
The Young Stars- Edwin Encarnacion, Travis Snyder, Scott Kazmir
The Hitters- Jeff Francoeur, Carl Crawford, Rafael Furcal
The Aging Slugger- Jim Thome
Etc- Josh Willingham, Fausto Carmona

I also grabbed some late 90's early 00's swag I didn't have.

302- Barry Larkin
316- Will Clark
166- Gary Sheffield
304- Jason Kendall

398- Wade Boggs
243- Tom Glavine
150- Jeff Bagwell
180- Mike Mussina
330- Jeff Kent
360- Tim Salmon again

417- Rafael Palmiero
38- Bobby Abreu
140- Roberto Alomar
165- Kenny Lofton
40- Juan Gonzalez
186- Roy Halladay
116- Jermaine Dye
109- Adrian Beltre
392- Mike Lowell

122- Paul Konerko
64- Carlos Lee
527- David Wells
450- Todd Helton

Will be going back to the shop tomorrow, and then back home to Jersey

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