Monday, August 3, 2009

One crazy weekend

Well, the Orioles lost, as usual. I was trying to get some cards out of the deal, but whenever I buy cards from a stadium, the results are never very good. Good news was I got to see a few future hall of fa- oh, right, roids, nevermind.

I just got back from a day in Ocean City, and yes, I DID buy some cards this time. I got a pack of 2004 Topps Series 1. Among the possible rookies are...uh, there really aren't many.

Let's rip

69- Marlon Byrd. We all thought he was going to be big. My friend Mason has an entire binder full of Byrd cards on the Phils. Sadly, he was traded mid-2005, and we were stuck with a little guy named SHANE VICTORINO!

100- A-Rod. Well, this may be the closest thing possible to a hit in this pack. This card has him on the Rangers, although he was traded to the Yanks after printing started.

151- Erubiel Durazo, who seems to keep popping up in my wax rips. Durazo did, however, share a rookie card with a certain former Philly who has flown the coop and plays for Tampa.

99- John Halama, who also seems to be popping up here.

129- Dmitri Young. Another guy who ended up in my hands in a past rip, but this guy is someone worth bragging about.

356- Carlos Delgado Sporting News All Stars insert. Awesome player, and can't get enough on the Jays.

198- Byung-Hyun Kim. Hey, waddaya know, a South Korean prospect that DIDN't pan out!

289- Lloyd McClendon. And managers need their own cards why?

218- Luis Castillo. Used to be a great player but now he's reduced to making crummy errors for other teams' expense.

313- Kyle Davies first year. Never panned out.

Decent rip, I'd say, but it only means that I have a new place for old wax.

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