Wednesday, August 19, 2009

More Adironpacks

I went back to that card shop and sure as hell there were more mix packs, and there would be even more coming that day. So I got a few.

Pack 1-
2006 Fleer Tradition Carlos Beltran. I like this set.
2004 Donruss Elite David Wright. This might be his rookie, so I definitely likemy chances so far.
2007 Finest Chris Carpenter. Yay, more Carp!
2000 Crown Royale Andruw Jones.
2001 Donruss Jason Kendall. More of the color coordiated 2001 set is good news.
2006 SPX Omar Vizquel. I keep getting a lot of Viz.
1998 Bowman CHIPPAH!
2003 Victory Vlademir Guerrero. Vladdie on the Expos.
2003 Fleer Patchworks Aubrey Huff. Mr. Huff just got released by the Orioles and signed by Detroit.
1990 UD Greg Vaughn Rookie.
2006 UD Piece of History Zolio Versalles.

Pack 2-
2006 Turkey Red Ken Griffey Jr.
2003 Play Ball Adam Dunn.
2006 Flair Showcase Jeremy Hedmida Rookie. This is nice.
1999 UD Holographics Jeff Bagwell. More Bagwell is great.
2006 UD Piece of History Phil Niekro. WOOOOOOO!
2005 Skybox Autographics Miguel Tejada. I like this set also.
2003 UD MVP Jimmy Rollins. J-ROL!
2000 Stadium Club Gary Sheffield. I've been getting a lot of Sheffield also.
1999 UD SPX Tony Clark. Awesome set, and awesome player.
2003 Play Ball Torii Hunter. Another Torii?
1997 Pinnacle Jose Canseco. More Jose is not bad.

Pack 3-
2006 Turkey Red Chipper Jones. No complaining here. Love Turkey Red and Chipper.
2000 Fleer Tradition. It is also tradition to rip off Topps designs back when they didn't notice.
1997 Topps Chrome Tim Salmon. Most underrated Angel of all time.
1982 Fleer Mike Schmidt.
2001 Topps Archives 1988 Topps Dave Concepcion.
2002 SPX Luis Gonzalez. Lotta Luis this week.
2002 UD World Series Heroes Gary Sheffield. On the Marlins.
2001 Topps Reserve Kenny Lofton.
2002 Donruss Shannon Stewart.

Pack 4-
2006 Flair Showcase Travis Hafner
1999 EX Jeromy Burnitz. This is a cool transparent card.
2001 Fleer Genuine Jeff Bagwell.
2006 Piece of History Larry Doby. Love this set.
2000 Pacific Omega Darin Erstad.
2003 UD MVP Roger Clemens. Yankee Clemens is good.
2000 UD Trevor Hoffman.
2004 Fleer Classic Clippings Chipper Jones. I got a lot of this set a while ago, but that's a story for another time.

Pack 5-
2004 Playoff Prestige Hideki Matsui. GODZILLA!!!
2002 Fleer Mystique Curt Schilling.
2002 Playoff Absolute Memorabilla Omar Vizquel. Absolute waste of carboard.
1999 UD Ionix Ivan Rodriguez. Pudge has been dealt back to the rangers.
2001 UD MVP Derrek Lee.
2001 Donruss Mike Hampton. Pretty colors...
1997 Pinnacle Certified Billy Wagner. Shiny....
2003 Play Ball Eric Chavez.
2003 Fleer Focus Sean Casey.
1999 Stadium Club Sammy Sosa. SAMMY!
2004 Donruss Classics of ICHIROOOOO!

Tomorrow I will be off to Cooperstown, so stay tuned for results of scouring all 1000 card shops.

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