Thursday, August 6, 2009

This post has no title, just words and a rant

So I was reading the blogs this morning, as usual. I checked Dayf's Cardboard Junkie, and he said that Topps had achieved the Baseball rights, while UD hadn't. I didn't believe him, so I searched my many other resources. JayBee, Mario, and others had all reported the same thing, and then I was convinced. Upper Deck was the only competition for Topps, and without it, Topps may soon be a dull product.

I was crushed. I liked Upper Deck, but to a lesser extent than Topps. O-Pee-Chee was beginning to become a favorite of mine, and this year's product was their best design since...a while ago. I was looking forward to Timeline 2009, and then UD slammed the door to their prius, and drove away into the sunset, with the playout music from The Incredible Hulk swelling in the background.

In a couple of days, I will be working on a custom card that may be considered as Topps' next design. Maybe.


  1. if topps makes cards like they did when they had no competition, I will take that dull product. The only sound I want to hear is the is the door slamming on UD's butt when they are going out the door - BATEMAN72

  2. The only time line I want to see is an alternative time line where Upper Deck never existed. BATEMAN72

  3. How dare you compare the Incredible Hulk to Upper Deck. MR. McGee (don't get me angry, you would not like it when I get angry - BATEMAN72