Saturday, August 22, 2009

2009 Upper Deck X Pack Break

I'm back in my home state, thank god, and before my awful long drive back, one of my cousins gave me a pack of UDX, and I was a little mad. Of all the packs, he just had to choose UDX. Even Dayf hates it. After one card, this was his response-


But nevertheless, I open the pack for you, my readers, and for you only.

70- Jimmy Rollins. Starting the pack with a Philly is always good.

26- Victor Martinez Die-Cut.

Carlos Beltran Ex-ponential. I like this insert set.

UD 20 Insert of Chase Utley's final at bat at the Vet.

19- Aramis Ramirez, either he's overrated, or underrated, I just think it's good to be rated in general

99- Koji Uehara Rookie.

Bluh. I may or may not be opening more of this stuff, but the Philly Show is coming soon, and cards may just so happen to fall into my hands.

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  1. Just discovered your post on Night Owl's list.I'm always looking around to read new views.I know a lot of people don't like UDX.Personally,I like it because it's different, but I liked 2008 better.I don't build sets anyway, I basically just collect Tribe cards.I would be interested the Martinez die-cut, and any other Indians cards you want to get rid of. I do have lots of Yankees cards that haven't made to my dart board yet ! Also a ton other cards to trade.Do you have a want list? Mine is here : although it needs a lot of work.(my winter project) Any Tribe cards are fine for me.I'm just finishing up an old school OPC box break this week-end so I haven't posted much lately. Thanks !