Friday, July 30, 2010

2010 Topps Series 2 Cereal- Trade Deadline Edition

I got a 10 dollar series 2 cereal box on the eve of the trade deadline. I'm going to analyze each card and see what the chances are of them being traded.

Honus Wagner Guaranteed Chrome Refractor

573- Johan Santana. The Mets will not trade this guy. He's their only hope!
531- Matt Cain. Hey, you never know.
655- Ryan Madson. For some reason, no.
491- Rafael Furcal. No, the Dodgers will not trade this guy. He's a multiple all star, and he produces.
394- Luis Castillo. They wouldn't.
547- Brett Gardner. They certainly wouldn't.
649- Casey McGeehee. We'll see...
509- Todd Helton. There is a slight possibility, but I don't think the Rockies want to risk their big star getting traded away. All they'd have left is Wimpy at Shortstop and that awesome pitcher.
525- Grady Sizemore. He's hurt. I don't think Cleveland would want to trade this guy.
579- Trevor Cahill. No.
540- Sean Rodriguez. Well, maybe.
483- Daisuke Matsusaka. Boston would not even dare give this guy up.
334- Jayson Werth. The Phillies sure are trying. They might even succeed.
408- Tigers team card
647- Alfonso Soriano. He's the face of the team. Why would the Cubs trade him?
623- Miguel Cabrera. Not unless he starts drinking again.
551- Everth Cabrera. No.
471- Drew Butera. This guy's a catching prospect for the Twins. Now why on Earth would he get traded (Hint- who's playing catcher for the Twins?)
452- Allen Craig. This guy's an outfielder rookie for St. Louis. Hey, you never know.
375- Mike Leake. Give me one good reason why the Reds would trade this excellent pitching prospect (And if it rhymes with Rassburg than I don't want to hear it).
Ryas Checklist
467- Fausto Carmona. Well, the rumors are saying he'd go to Philly, but he better not now that we got Roy Mach 2.
504- Jeff Mathis. I wouldn't
648- Brian Fuentes. Again, I wouldn't.
534- Hideki Okajima. I WOULD! Naw, just kidding. He's a decent pitcher that just so happens top play for Boston.
Hey! It's a Yo Mamma card of two people I wouldn't trade! Ichiro and Pujols sharing a card in 2004 topps. This one I needed!
Reggie Vintage Legends which I have.
Code card, let's see who I got-
1977 Ray Sadeki. Not bad. Not extremely good, either, but still.
Billy Buttler Turkey Red
Tris Speaker and Jacoby Ellisbury. One sucks, the other doesn't. Guess which.
COME ON! ANOTHER RED SOCK! Clay Buchholz peak performance.
Gordon Beckham in the year 2020.
Derrek Lee ToppsTown
607- Ubaldo Jiminez. NO! GOD NO!
344- Brett Myers. The Phillies already tried and look where that lead us.
356- ANgels
435- Nelson Cruz. He hits like crazy. They shouldn't.
501- Jake Peavy. NOOO!
591- Fernando Rodney. Being that they have Fuentes, they should trade him.
418- Aaron Laffey. Maybe
592- BriRo. NOOOO!
(Rest of pack is dirty doubles

Well, out of the pack, only one person I pulled was traded (Dan Haren).

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