Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Yankee All Star Disappearing Act

On July 4th, I informed you, my loyal (and less so) followers, that 6 Yankees had made it to the All Star Game. Jeter, Cano, Sabathia, Hughes, Rivera, Rodriguez. Over the past three days, however, the umber remained at six, but two big guns had bailed out-
  • CC Sabathia is removed because of Girardi's WISE....COMPLETELY WISE (Not) decision to start CC the day before the break, which meant he couldn't play. Dammit! He is replaced by Jered Weaver, who deserves the spot.
  • Clay Buchholz bails out of the game due to sucking, and Andy Pettite has replaced him. The number is back at six.
  • Because he is tired, Mariano Rivera decides to sit out the All Star game. He is replaced by Rafael Soriano (EXCUSE ME! Mr. WAAAYYYY Overrated in the ALL STAR GAME?)
  • The Final Man Vote is announced...Nick Swisher (And Joey Votto who deserves it) is elected to the All Star Game over YOOOOOOOOOOOOUK!

And now Robinson Cano is bailing out of the Home Run Derby because of his bad back. I mean, the two surefire all stars were replaced by wannabe all stars who just are happy to be there, and the other Yankees are coming onto the team anyway.

It's insane.

(Just you wait until Kobe gets signed. Then the sparks fly)

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  1. I know, this is seriously ridiculous, let the guys play!!!