Saturday, July 10, 2010

Who is Travis Wood?

I flipped on Comcast sportsnet a few minutes ago, just to see the Phillies. What I saw was miraculous.

Travis Wood, a player for the Cincinatti Reds whom I have never heard of, is on his way to a perfect game against the Phillies.

First of all, the obvious question- who? Travis Wood before the game is a player I've never heard of. He might be a rookie, he might be a veteran, he might be a callup. I am not a Reds fan (As Jerry Seinfeld might quip at this point "Not that there's anything wrong with that"), so I don't know all aout the Reds farm system

Second of all, the score is still zero to zero. Roy Halladay might also be on the way to a no hitter if Wood loses. It's a win-win situation. Wood gets a perfect game, Halladay gets his second no-hitter.

But I'm just watching the game, and I'll probably update you if Wood wins, or if Halladay wins.

UPDATE- CARLOS RUIZ, INTO THE OUTFIELD! BYE BYE PERFECT GAME! Roy Halladay will be credited with a shutout.

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  1. So you know...

    Wood is one of the top Reds pitching prospects and was rumored to be part of the deal the Reds offered for Cliff Lee. he was beaten out for the fifth spot by Mike Leake coming out of spring training.

    This was his 3rd major league start. Without looking, his first start went well and his second start was on three days rest as an emergency to fill in for Aaron Harang. It did not go as well.

    And I think you meant Hallady on his way to a shutout. The Reds had three hits of Halladay...