Thursday, July 29, 2010

Phillies: Will we be seeing the Roy and Roy Show?

Trade talks are flying through Philadelphia like all birds fly away from Temple Games. The #1 Philly trade rumor concerns a certain Houston fireballer. Yup, this is the post where I talk about Roy Oswalt.

Roy has been a Houston staple throughout the decade. He's seen rookies stay (Willy Taveras, Hunter Pence, JR Towles) and veterans leave (Craig Biggio, Jeff Bagwell, Roger Clemens).

He's been with the team since early in the decade, and apparently, he wants out. Last night, the Astros and the Phillies struck a deal to send Oswalt to Philly. Only one problem- they need Oswalt's approval.

I don't think Oswalt is going to go to Philly, but if he does, here's what might happen:

  • The rotation will strengthen. It'll be Halladay, Oswalt, Hamels, Blanton, Happ (?). And Halladay and Oswalt will be drawing the crowds. It's like when Schilling and Johnson used to play for Arizona. It's the Roy and Roy show! It might even turn into the Cy and Roy show! But we'll just have to wait and see for that.
  • Oswalt will see the postseason for the first time since 2005. And he (and Halladay) will pitch excellently all the way.


  • Resigning him. What if he hates Philly by next year. What if he wants to go somewhere else. What if we trade him for another decent pitcher (Naw, that'll never happen)
  • He might not even want to go.
  • He gets injured quite a bit.

Either way, he'd make a pretty good pitcher for the Phillies. Let's just hope that the minute I post this, he doesn't get traded to St. Louis.

Update- Roy agreed to the trade! He'll be going to Philly while JA Happ and some youngsters go to Houston

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