Saturday, July 31, 2010

Berkman in Pinstripes?

The Yankees and Lance Berkman are one of the same at this point in the year. They're older, stronger, and just need one last guarantee of greatness.

And that's when Lance Berkman agreed to be traded from Houston, the place where he called home for more than a decade now.

Berkman was getting tired of playing every day, it seems. With the Yanks, he can DH, you know, Guerrero style. DH so much you get an All Star nod out of it.

Do I think this is a good deal for the Yankees? Yes. It's an addition of strength to an already strenghtened team. As far as I know, Berk did not take steroids, and can hit pretty damn good, and that's just what the Yankees need.

The Yankees needed this deal. Berkman needed this deal. The Astros will end in 5th place in the NL Central this year (You know, Pirates are 6th).

And if it's another Yankees-Phillies series, maybe Oswalt may go up against his former teammate Berkman.

But still, the Yankees needed a full time DH. And with Berkman, that's just what they got.

(Update- What do you mean it isn't final until 1:00! He's still gonna do it!)

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