Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Topps and National Chicle (?) Blaster Rip

I'm in San Diego right now, anxiously awaiting a trip to Comic Con preview night tonight. Before I left LA (Or Monrovia if you ant to be specific) this morning, I saw a Target nearby and felt the urge to rip. I saw boxes and boxes of Series 2, but I also saw, in the back of the aisle, a lone box of National Chicle. Chicle may in fcat be one of my favorite sets of the year. So I picked up the box, along with a box of Topps (I've got Yo Mamma fever!), and am ready to rip.

National Chicle-

Pack 1-
The Legends- Hank Greenberg, Christy Matthewson.
The Double- Wandy Rodriguez
The Rest- Chris Carpenter, Felix Pie, Brett Anderson

Pack 2-
The Legend- Al Kaline. I believe he's in a modern uniform.
The Yankee-Derek Jeter.
The Doubles- Nolan Reimold (Chicle Back), Carlos Quentin
The Rest- Miguel Cabrera, Jonathan Sanchez

Pack 3-
The Yankee- Curtis Granderson
The Doubles- CC Sabathia, AJ Burnett, Nolan Ryan
The Rest- Kevin Richardson, Marco Scutaro

Pack 4-
The Rookie Flashback- Juan Fransisco as Eric Davis 85
The OTHER Reds rookie- Drew Stubbs
Th Doubles- Melky Cabrera, YOOOOUK (Aw, Crap), Russell Branyan
The Rest- Derek Lowe

Pack 5-
The Legend- Babe Ruth Bazooka Back
The Doubles- Will Venable, Duke Snider, Tom Seaver
The Rest- Justin Morneau, Brian Roberts

Pack 6-
The Legends- Jim Palmer, Warren Spahn
The Ex-Phillie accquired in the Cliff Lee deal- Carlos Carrasco
The Double- Jonathan Broxton
The Rest- John Danks, Kyle Blanks (Hey, that rhymes!)

Pack 7-
The Guy that I saw play twice in one state- Buster Posey rookie
The Awesome Looking Cards- Assdribble Cabrera, Derrek Lee
The Doubles- Vladdie, Andrew MacCutchen
The Rest- Michael Bourn

Pack 8-
The Legends- Roy Campanella, Modern Cy Young (Nice Stache!)
The Filthy Red Sock- Dustin Pedroia
The Doubles- Jermaine Dye, Josh Hamilton, Scott Kazmir.

And now the Topps-

(I will give the highlights of what I don't have-

Hiroki Kuroda
Rick Porcello Yo Mamma
Darryl Strawberry 88 Yo Mamma Original Back
Ozzie Smith Peak
Luke Hochevar
Joba Chaimberlan
Chippah Jones
Killebrew and Morneau Lineage
Kung Fu Panda 2020
Jacoby Eliisbury
Carlos Pena
Joey Votto Turkey Red
AJ Pierzinski
Carlos Guillen Gold
Cal Ripken 92 Yo Mamma (I have it)
Babe Ruth Vintage Legends
Gerardo Parra
Ronny Paulino
Jeter and Rizzuto Lineage
Chippah 2000 Yo Mamma
Whtey Ford World Series
Prince ad Foxx Lineage
Another Cal 92 Yo Mamma
Rickey 81 Yo Mamma...ORIGINAL BACK
Tom Seaver Turkey Red

Good rip overall. If you want any of the Chicle doubles, or if you really need that Cal 93 Yo Mamma, set up a trade. I'd be more than happy to give away my doubles.

And if you have any Cards Your Mother Threw out that you don't need, set up a trade. What I HAVE is on the sidebar.

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