Friday, July 1, 2011

5 Packs of 2011 Topps Series 2

Managed to snag some more packs of Series 2 at Target. Good set, with good inserts, but not as good as last year. Liking the Diamond Stars though

Pack 1-
440- Grady Sizemore. Hoping for a good comeback. A good friend of mine's a Cleveland fan.
609- Juan Francisco
641- Travis Wood, the man that almost threw a no-hitter against my Phils.
344- Michael Kohn.
501- Tsuyoshi Nishioka. Gotta remember that.
589- Seattle tc
Grienke, Gallardo Duos
Diamond Duos of Felix Hernandez. Still peeved about him winning the Cy over CC last year.
572- Brad Hawpe
429- Skip "not Joel" Schumaker
483- Justin Where There's Smoak
546- Pat the Bat Burrell

Pack 2-
484- Gerardo Parra
504- Jhonny "You are spelling it wrong" Peralta
640- Dan Uggla.
623- Leo Nunez
461- Eric Sogard
375- Matt "The most deserving All Star in recent History" Kemp.
478- Mike Minor
350- Francisco Liriano GOLD #'D TO 2011
Before there was bluuhhh
Joe Mauer Topps 60. More like Topps 60 Day. Ohhhh Snap
352- Colby Lewis
486- Francisco Rodriguez, or "Que?"-Rod

Pack 3-
592- Dayan Vicideo
408- Denard Span
582- Kosuke Fukudome
359- Halladay cl.
374- Nats tc
496- Gavin Floyd
604- Joe Patterson GOLD #'D TO 2011
Matt Holliday Red Gold
Juan Marichal mini
Tony Gwynn 1997 NotYoMamma card
607- Daniel Murphy
463- Will Venable
364- Tim Wakefield.

Pack 4-
423- Hideki Okajima. Who'd I piss off to get all the Red Sox?
473- Chad Billingsley
544- Justin Masterson
602- Ivan DeJesus Jr. Kid, ya may be good, but your dad made a lot of Phillie fans mad when he was traded here for a 2nd Baseman named Sandberg. So be careful.
521- Joaquin Benoit
375- Matt Kemp
478- Mike Minor again
Duos of Jason Heyward and...Hank Aaron? Maybe a little too soon to call, Topps.
Carlos Gonzalez Diamond Stars
383- Ryan Ludwick
357- Mike Cameron.
469- Joe "Who's Pitching? Awww crud" Blanton.

Pack 5-
472- Jason Kendall.
393- Jake Arietta
586- Carlos "Unexpected Star" Lee
535- Rich Harden
386- Barry Enright
516- Mike Leake
Halladay and Oswalt Duos. Very clever Topps.
1993 Mo Vaughn.'s a Red Sock, and it's also Mo Stinking Vaughn. Gosh...hey, at least I dug up an Ozzie Smith ring. There's the bright side.
587- JP Arencibia
616- Ross Ohlendorf
559- Reggie Willits
335- Buster Posey. Proof that blocking the plate is wrong

All in all, good packs. Terrible Diamond Givewaya pull though. If anyone wants it...just ask.

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