Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Uncustomed Heroes of Baseball: Pirates

 I know, I already made a McCutchen custom. I just felt like giving him another one. I'm in a giving kinda mood, anyway. Tis the holiday season, and all.

I absolutely love the fact that the Pirates broke .500 this year. That means that positively anything can happen.
 Meanwhile, Marlon Byrd, fresh off his stint in Queens, is now back in Philly for 2014, which may or may not bode well. You never know. He underwhelmed when we had him last.
I'm glad Burnett is doing better in Pittsburgh. He just couldn't take being a Yankee, I guess. I mean, aside from the 2009 season.

Coming Tomorrow- I'm going to do a few of these posts throughout the day, in order to catch up with where I should be. Expect four or five.

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