Saturday, July 21, 2012

Custom Card of the Day: Lee Edition


What, you were expecting Giancarlo Stanton? The 7/12 me has a sense of humor. At least I think he did. The 7/13 me found out that Stanton was on the DL, and quickly whipped up a card of the newest aging star Miami will settle for. I know it's old news, but now I know I can use this design for future trades.

Coming Tomorrow- The Cardinals are misrepresented custom-wise. Tomorrow, I give them one, for fear of them making the playoffs, and giving my pain in the butt Cardinals fan "friend" another reason to live.


  1. Nice looking custom! At least you didn't make the same mistake that I'd once made when I stuck a "traded" box on a regular card, and then realized that the format was different ("Carlos Lee" in the upper pennant, "Miami Marlins" in the lower one).

    Carlos Lee looks a bit surprised that you've got him listed as a pitcher. You'd said you did this custom at the last minute, so we'll forgive you. :-D

  2. Oh crap, I just realized that. I whipped it up in literally five seconds, and thought it didn't matter.