Monday, July 16, 2012

Custom Card of the Day: Hellickson Edition


Look at those throwbacks.

Pretty original, right? They weren't even around in 1979, and yet poof...there they are. I think those are kinda awesome, while kinda ugly. It's a really cool retro look, that brings echoes of old Pilots, Mariners, Padres and Royals uniforms.

It's a look that has sort have gone out of style, like the man wearing it. Jeremy Hellickson was big last year, despite the fact that Mark Trumbo or Michael Pineda probably should have won the Rookie of the Year award. Now he's not doing as hot, and it's a shame. 

Still...forget the guy on the card. Look at those uniforms.

Coming Tomorrow- The Reds pitcher that should have made the All Star Game. 

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