Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Custom Card of the Day: Weaver Edition


I just wanna fathom this. This is gonna be a pretty simple post, but I just can't grasp something.

The AL has 3/4 people advance to the 2nd round of the home run derby. There, Fielder, Bautista and Trumbo continued to knock the living hell out of the ball numerous times. The one NL advancement couldn't even hit into it. Then, Prince Fielder wins with 28 total home runs.

Altogether, on Monday night, the AL hit 61 home runs. 

On Tuesday night, they had five hits. 

Think about this for a second.

A team that dominates a Home Run Derby one night is powerless against a couple of hits, a couple of Giants, and, in J-Bats' case, THE SUN!

After a was just hard to watch. Sure, they had SOME hits here and there...but the NL drove in eight stinking runs, and that was all thanks to Melky Cabrera and his weirdly timed hitting streak. 

So...the AL can hit against the players they choose...but not against ones Tony LaRussa did.

Just keep your mouth shut, Joe Buck.

(Oh, and Jered Weaver's pretty awesome)

Coming Tomorrow- Surprisingly the one Phillies position player I've NEVER made a custom of, in all four years...until now, that is.

(By the way, if you guys want a laugh, I've updated this now-incredibly-ironic post about the Melky Cabrera trade, in order to explain how comically wrong I was.)

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