Friday, July 27, 2012

Packs of Archives, A&G and Series 2

I'll be headed to North Jersey in a few days for a week, then come home, then another week. Because of this, I might not be going to the National. I will return when it comes back to Baltimore in 2059.

Nevertheless, I snatched a rack pack of Archives, 2 rack-packs of Ginter, and a "cereal" box of Series 2.

For Archives, I had a great blaster last week, but I don't know if the collation will be that great. For every card I need, I'll give a compliment. For every card I don't, I'll give an insult.

185- Roberto Clemente. Possibly the greatest hispanic player of all time. If you don't respect this man, you're crazy.
49- Mike Moustakas. A very good third baseman prospect who should have made the All Star Team.
86- Trevor Cahill. I enjoyed him in his years with Oakland.
129- Darryl Strawberry. He had such great years with the Mets. He's a guilty favorite. My one gripe is that he should have let Homer Simpson play his position, but I digress.
53- Adam Wainwright. Can't seem to get off the disabled list.
141- JP Arencibia. This is Topps' third straight season of calling JP a rookie star. Sooner or later both those statements will be untrue.
154- Starlin Castro. His team sucks.
22- Mickey Mantle. One of the greatest Yankees of all time (according to Topps). Still, he made my grandfather very happy with the Yanks.
74- Ty Cobb. Mean-ass cheater.
143- Marco Scutaro. Uhhh...his team's pretty okay. That's all I've got.
203- Willie Mays. Topps' collation sucks. I already have this shortprint!
108- Cliff Lee. Love the guy, but you can't bother to win more than one game?
159- David Price. My usual insult: is wrong, bitch.
41- Corey Hart. Does not wear his sunglasses at night. Does not stand a fighting chance of making the postseason.

Well, 6 out of 14 ain't bad.

Ginter Pack 1-
286- Neil Walker. Not bad for a first card of the series
143- Nick Hagadone.
161- Freddie Freeman. Seems pretty good, but that's what the hype tells me.
109- Tim Lincecum. What happened, man?
David People of the Bible mini. Famously slayed large, intimidating beast. But enough about Barry Bonds.
Burj Khalifa World's Tallest Buildings.
172- Chris Perez. I'm happy he's atop the saves list.
213- Joe Nathan. Glad he's back to his old standard.
154- Bob Hurley Sr. Have no idea who he is.
74- Johnny Cueto. Should have been an All Star.
276- James Shields Black border mini
Roy Halladay What's in a Name insert. Not bad.

Pack 2-
49- Jeremy Hellickson.
79- Yoenis Cespedes rookie. Very, very nice. The 3rd most-coveted rookie in the set.
200- Matt Kemp. I have nothing but respect for the man.
341- Colby Lewis. Nominee for worst card of the year? I think so.
184- Notre Dame coach I can't retype Mini
Historical Turning points of The Reformation. Very cool.
296- Mark Trumbo. Has a future.
144- Joe Benson
63- Zach Britton.
133- Carlos Beltran A&G Back Mini. Where's the planter?
What's in a Name of DEREK JEEETAAAH!

Series 2-

500- Alex Rodriguez. I blame King Felix.
497- Andrew McCutchen. I would love it if he got the MVP this year.
440- Chien Ming Wang. Greatest Taiwanese Player of All Time. I mean it.
244- Nelson Cruz
364- Brandon Beachy.
349- Tim Lincecum. Again, needs to get his stuff together
417- Carlos Pena. The current version of Ellis Burks, the prominent Yankee killer
509- Travis Snider
348- Alfonso Soriano
405- Nathan Eovaldi. Now a Marlin
584- Daric Barton
445- Ramon Santiago.
646- Francisco Cervelli, backup catcher.
459- Eric Surkamp
530- Cliff Pennington
Crappy plug for Topps' new app
504- Ryan Dempster. Will be traded soon
636- Chris Heisey
576- Jonathan Herrera
457- JD Martinez, the other good young star on the Astros.
456- Omar Infante. Now back with the Tigers.
631- Ryan Kalish
492- Rickie Weeks. Have it
514- Brian Roberts.
547- Jason Giambi. What a career. Probably won't make the Hall.
365- Aramis Ramirez
654- Yovani Gallardo. Is still here.
517- Francisco Liriano. Is also still here.
361- Chase Utley. CHUT!
392- Cliff Lee. Needs to win some games.
506- David Ortiz. I can still kinda respect the guy.
543- Josh Johnson. Will probably be traded soon.
473- Evan Meek. Needs to stop getting hurt.
400- Robbie Cano, don't ya know.
647- Bruce Chen. Has played everywhere.
353- John Mayberry. Needs to step it up.
411- Tsuyoshi Nishioka.
380- Daniel Murphy. One of the few young Mets stars
401- Kenley Jansen
644- Andy Dirks
603- Lonnie Chisenhall. Unfortunately on the DL
538- Wilson Betemit
337- Glen Perkins
568- Jason Castro
420- Barry Zito. I know another Giants pitcher who could have been card no. 420.
641- Jeter cl
637- Brad Brach
553- James Darnell
635- Brett Gardner GOLD SHINY
Golden Moments of Mike Schmidt
Mound Dominance of Warren Spahn. That's a nice one.
Gold Standard of Tom Seaver
Mike Napoli 87 mini. Why does everybody love this guy?
Giveaway Card! Just for blogging's sake, let's see what I get:
An Indians coin. Welp.
512- Josh Willingham
502- Collin Cowgill
532- Tim Stauffer
372- Daniel Descalso
331- Hey, it's Albert Pujols! Nice!
357- Aaron Harang
577- Dallas Braden
378- Brandon League
385- David Murphy, the king of Topps card poses
580- Tony Campana
376- Carlos Quentin. Just got resigned. Nice.
490- Chris Carpenter, The King of Injuries.
471- James Shields
439- Elvis Andrus.
594- Ricky Romero.
366- Jose Molina RED CARD
340- Adam LaRoche RED CARD

Pretty solid packs. If anyone wants the A&G for their set, shoot me a request.

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