Sunday, July 29, 2012

Custom Card of the Day: Ethier Edition


Back in May I spoke of the Dodgers' rise. Then, in June, I spoke of the Dodgers' fall. The good news is that the current series with the San Francisco Poseys might rocket them back into first. If they do, it will be thanks in part to this man.


I realize that Matt Kemp is the lord and savior over there, but when he's not having a big game, Andre Ethier probably is. Remember him? Was big in 2010? Ring a bell?

Anyhow, Ethier's been having a great season, and he's been keeping his team out of last (and third in that matter) for most of the season. Kemp has been doing his part, oh sure, but Ethier's been red-hot for longer, and he's the real fuel.

Kemp is the golden boy, and Ethier's the silver secret.

By the way, this custom (or the idea to do an Ethier) was requested by The Fan, Chris. Hope it's everything you asked for.

Coming Tomorrow- Youk is gone. So now who's my least favorite Red Sock? This guy.

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  1. Excellent! Reminds me of the iconic Steve Garvey card of that year!! Thank you.