Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Ten Most Crucial Trade Deadline Deals

Oooh, this one's a doozy.

Remember...yesterday, when the Phillies had a reliable outfield? Oh, gosh. They picked us clean. They left us with only Juan Pierre, John Mayberry and a pair of socks. It was terrible. But...more on that later.

This was an inredibly crazy month of July, much crazier than the otherwise subtle July 2011. People were flying across the leagues left and right, and the deadline was ugly. The last trade of the deadline was the deadliest, especially for all the Yankee fans. But I'll get there later.

I'll get to the list finally. Top 10 most crucial moves of the trade deadline.

10. Omar Infante and Anibal Sanchez to Detroit, Jacob Turner and prospects to Marlins. Who won- Tigers. Not only did they need a new starter in Anibal, but Omar Infante, a former Tiger who got his stardom elsewhere, is back in his old town, a better player than when he left for Atlanta.  How the Marlins benefit- Jacob Turner is one of the best young Detroit prospects, and he will be a good piece for the team.

9. Francisco Liriano to White Sox, prospects to Twins. Who won- White Sox. They needed more pitching to add to the already-strong rotation. Liriano may not be reliable every season, but when he's on, he's reall on. Hopefully he'll reclaim the magic from the 2009 and 2010 seasons. How the Twins benefit- prospects for the future will hopefully get them out of the mess they're in currently.

8. Paul Maholm to the Braves, Aroydis Vizcaino and prospects to Cubs. Who won? Braves. Maholm gives the young rotation some experience,as Maholm will be the older, wiser member to the mostly young and up and coming staff. How it helps the Cubs: The team lost alot today, and the prospects can help them gain it back. Vizcaino is a young sar who hopefully has a spot.

7. Carlos Lee to Marlins, prospects to Astros. Who won? Marlins. Carlos Lee obviously isn't what he used to be, but what he is is a nice, strong back. The Marlins need some of that in order to stay in the race. Lee will lend his bat to a growing roster. How it helps the Astros- come on, they need something. They're getting a crapload of prospects this July, and hopefully they'll do something to help.

6. Shane Victorino to Dodgers, prospects to Philly. Who won? Phillies, surprisingly. I know, they robbed an important piece of our lineup, but he wasn't hitting, and he wasn't playing like he did when we won the championship in 2008. The Dodgers can have him. What the Phils need was helpto the farm system, and this gives them just that. They need pitching and infield help for the future, and this gives them that. How it helps the Dodgers- Victorino will help in the outfield with Ethier and Kemp, I guess...

5. Ryan Dempster to Rangers, prospects to Cubs. Who won? Rangers. The strongest team in the Majors got even stronger with this one. Dempster is a great pitcher, and will aid the already strong rotation. This was a steal, because I thought the Yankees had him at the end. Sadly, the rich got richer, and the Rangers got a replacement for the struggling Roy Oswalt. How it helps the Cubs- more prospects.

4. Hanley Ramirez to Dodgers, prospects to Marlins. Who won? Dodgers. They needed a shortstop, and they need a bat. They got both in Hanley. In his last few games, Hanley has gtten a lot of RBI, and has become a reliable member of the lineup. Him and Victorino are great additions to a staff that needs some. How it helps the Marlins- An aging team needs some youth.

3. Hunter Pence to Giants, Nate Schierholtz and prospects to Phillies. Who won- Giants. This kills me, because I loved Pence as a Phillie,and it pains me to see him join the enemy. The Giants do need another outfielder, and Pence will add moreof a bat to the lineup. It's sad, but it might work. How it helps the Phillies- again, more prospects, because we need some,

2. Zack Grienke to the Angels, prospects to the Brewers. Who won- Angels. I've said before that the Angels have the best rotation in the AL, with Weaver, Haren, Santana and Wilson. This adds a strong fifth man to the hat, and it makes the team an even bigger force. The Rangers should be afraid. How it helps the Brewers- after Braun goes, the team will be in trouble. They're gonna need some young stars.

1. Ichiro to the Yankees, prospects to the Mariners. Admit it, you saw this coming. I don't have to say much about how this helps us, because he's Ichiro. He's awesome. How it helps the Mariners- more prospects.

Hopefully this is the end of the moves during the season...I don't want to screw up the already done Update set.

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