Saturday, July 7, 2012

Custom Card of the Day: Moustakas Edition


It's a little odd to see a different third baseman in a 1979 Topps design. Nothing else to add to that one.

Moustakas is a good player who's been having a really good season. His Royals aren't necessarily leading the division, but they're hanging in there. Maybe trading away Melky Cabrera was part of the problem, but I digress.

The Royals are a team that has a lot of potential, too. Hosmer, Moustakas and the rest are very good players that could theoretically make it far. If the Royals eventually make the playoffs, I'll be overjoyed. But it's a tough division. The White Sox, Tigers and Indians stand in the way, and all but Detroit have legitimate shots at making the playoffs. The Royals need to step it up. 

But I'll say this about underdog teams: currently two are leading a division. The Nationals, who have never made the playoffs, and the Pirates, who haven't been to the playoffs since Bryce Harper was an infant. 

If they can get there, why can't the Royals?

Coming Tomorrow- The one All Star snub that makes me a little mad. And yet it comes from the man who could have, and arguably should have, been still playing center for the Yanks. 

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