Sunday, July 8, 2012

Custom Card of the Day: Jackson Edition


First of all, I love this custom. Just getting it out there.

I'm always going to be adamant that we were robbed in giving up Austin Jackson in the Curtis Granderson trade. To be fair, I think Grandy's awesome, and we're lucky to have him, but there was a brief period of time when I thought Jackson would be the centerfielder of the future. This was as brief as the time I thought Jesus Montero would be the catcher of the future, or that Kei Igaw-oh who am I kidding.

Still, after the season Jackson's having, it would be cool if he were still a Yankee. He's been playing pretty well, backed by a solid team and a star pitcher. 

How he didn't make the All Star team is a mystery. I blame Ron Washington. 

 Coming Tomorrow- His team's leading the AL Central, and he's their star pitcher. And no, that isn't Rod Serling waiting in the dugout.

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