Sunday, March 21, 2021

Living in the Past


[I had to. I just had to.]

So here's the cycle we've been working with here with homegrown Atlanta pitchers. The Braves will bring up an impressive fireballer out of the comfort of their own farm system, they'll come out to a breathtaking start, then immediately need Tommy John surgery. At which point they're out for a season or so and the Braves need to focus on another young homegrown pitcher. It's been happening for the last 12 years. It happened with Kris Medlen, it happened with Brandon Beachy, and it happened with Mike Soroka. 

So...I don't want Braves fans to get their hopes up involving Ian Anderson. Because people have been studying the way he throws ever since he was in triple A, noticing the twist of the wrist before he releases the ball, and they're all prepared for him to need Tommy John surgery. This is going to happen whether you like it or not, and Braves fans just need to accept that. 

I mean, one of the issues with this surgery being available is that pitchers will just continue to pitch the same problematic way, tempting fate, just because that if the worst case does happen, they'll just miss a year and come back stronger. The goal, I surmise, is to avoid the surgery entirely, so that you don't miss any playing time and you don't cost your team a year or so. Look at Justin Verlander- he's gonna be out for another large portion of a season because of last year's surgery. If you know the risk, it's probably a better idea to avoid doing something that will exacerbate things. But, Ian Anderson likes pitching this way, and he'll inevitably wear out his arm. Possibly this year, maybe next year. 

The good news is that the Braves seem to have a rotation that'll counteract this change. First of all, Mike Soroka will be back this year. That helps. Max Fried, Charlie Morton and Kyle Wright all look good, and Bryse Wilson and Huascar Ynoa are fine choices for a fifth spot. If Anderson goes down, the Braves have enough of a team built up that they won't need to worry. Plus, it's looking like the Braves even have security further down the line, with Michael Harris having some insane showings out of camp. Sure to be a presence in their 2023 team. 

I guess what I'm saying is I'm thankful the Braves have a team that's as strong as their farm system. If catastrophes happen, they will be ready. I'm thinking 1st place is theirs again this year, and a World Series run isn't out of the realm of possibility either. 

Coming Tomorrow- The Tigers are trying some new things this year, and this contact-hitting outfielder is one of them.

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