Wednesday, January 8, 2014

They Deserved it

I hit it nearly on the head this morning in saying that Maddux, Glavine and Thomas would be headed to the Hall of Fame, all three getting in indefinitely today. I was a bit pissed that Craig Biggio lost out by two votes, but what are you gonna do.

That's the thing. I really have nothing to argue about the picks, because all three are definitely legends. Usually, one of them is wrong, like Bert Blyleven might not have deserved it, or last year it shouldn't have been nobody getting in, or I still don't think that Bruce Sutter's a Hall of Famer.

This year, aside from the Biggio thing, there was no controversy. Hideo Nomo, in my opinion, deserved to at least stay on the ballot, but I'm not picky.

Next year's going to be very interesting, because Randy Johnson, John Smoltz, Gary Sheffield and Pedro Martinez will all be up for it, and I imagine all will eventually land in the hall, with the exception of maybe Sheffield.

So yeah. Very nice Hall of Fame day.

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