Sunday, January 19, 2014

NFC Championship- The next great QB matchup?

It's like they did this on purpose.

Three hours after having yet another Manning-Brady game, the playoffs boil down to a game between two of the best up-and-coming QBs in the game. Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson. And they're even coming from the same division.

Also, if you wanna talk about evenly matched, these two both have stellar offenses, tough defenses, great coaches and exemplary QBs.

Who I want to win: Seahawks
Not because they're the better team. Because I like them better. I like Pete Carroll more than Jim Harbaugh. I like Russell Wilson more than Colin Kaepernick. It's a team I generally like, and will generally root for.

Who the sportswriters are saying will win: Seahawks.
It's kinda like the Broncos. Even though they agree that the 49ers are tough as hell, and probably never cry, they said back in August that it would be the Seahawks, and dammit they will die by that prediction.

Who I'd rather not have win: 49ers
I should start by saying I've met the man on this custom, and he's a very nice, down to earth guy, who just so happen to always look like he wants to kill you. Which is why people are likening to Ray Lewis- great guy, but looks like people should check his trunk.
Anyway, the 49ers took down my Packers. Numerous times. In numerous seasons. And anyone who does that must pay.

Who should win: 49ers.
Of the two teams, they are the toughest, they have the strongest defense, and they have the most consistent core. Plus, they really, really want to get back to the Super Bowl.
Who will win: Seahawks.
I just think they're the better team, and I see them coming out on top today. I know that might be difficult with this 49ers team, but this is a team that is stronger than last year, with a more determined QB, and better receivers. If they don't win, oh well. I just think they will.

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  1. Love the 82 Topps custom of Russell Wilson. I've recently come to the conclusion that the 82T design is my favorite from that decade.