Thursday, October 22, 2015

Nostalgic Box Break: 2004 Topps Total (Part 3)

It's been long enough. I think it's about time I post the last third of this break.

You remember where we left off...this set was amazingly fun and Topps should have kept doing it instead of Opening Day.

Now, the thrilling conclusion:

Pack 25. A lot of zoomed-back action shots in this.

Ladies and Gentlemen, TODD HUNDLEY was still playing in 2004. I did not know that.

Our highlight here is of Celebrity Apprentice 5th-place finisher and all-around great guy, Johnny Damon.

Pack 26- Christ, looking at some of these names, now I'm reminded how old this box is. Holy crap.

Bret Boone, who juiced a few more career years away in the mid-2000's, gets the Total Award Winner insert. Vinny Castilla is also still here, a few years from relevance, but a few less years from retirement.

Jim Thome, the man who singlehandedly made me a Phillies fan, and Jonny Gomes, the man who single-handedly got me to hate the Red Sox again.

Pack 27- A bit blurry, but still.

Okay...two great shots. I especially love Joe Borchard's. A stellar batting cage shot.

Our highlight is Manny 'Hey, it's cool if I coach your feel-good underdog team, right?' Ramirez.

Pack 28- The doubles begin to form.

Bobby Jenks, former Chicago save artist, and....uggghhhh....

Nothing like my second Manny in two packs to attempt to make me feel better.

Pack 29- Nothin' going on.

Pack 30- A few more nibbles, as well as a few more 'you're still here's

I had no idea that Brian Jordan played for the Rangers. I had no idea that Jay Payton had credibility once.

How 'bout that. One of the best second basemen in the NL, and a former Philadelphia Phillie, who left RIIIIIIGHT before it got good. Oh well. Least he won one in SanFran.

A card of JD Drew's only year as an Atlanta Brave, and a rookie card of Carlos Quentin, who really needs to get his stuff back.

Pack 31- The box is beginning to wind down.

Two Grade-A aces. It'd be fun to weigh the HOF cases. Buehrle only won one ring, but was one of the winningest, most consistent pitchers of the 2000's, and still kept winning games into this decade, even on shitty teams like the 2012 Marlins. Pettitte's main argument is power and consistency, but if he'd been on any other team, would he have gotten as much acclaim?

Pack 32- If you squint you can see some Yankee goats from here.

I love this shot.

A-Rod had a great start, but fell off after August. CC is hanging in there, but is nowhere near where he was in his should-have-been CY Young season.

Pack 33- Very Ranger-heavy.

Like Ausmus or not, this shot is AWESOME.

David Murphy had a very nice finish with the Angels this year, and therefore his rookie card is...not a major pull, but still kinda nice.

The real stars of the show. Colby Lewis had one of his best seasons in years, becoming the ace in Arlington as Derek Holland warmed up. RA Dickey had another mighty season in Toronto, still reaffirming his case as the best knuckleballer in baseball (the only other competition, Steven Wright, is a rookie, and a one-liner comedian.)

Pack 34- Eh.

Close to highlights. Sweeney was the big cheese in Kansas City before they got good enough to go to World Series'.

Pack 35- Todd Zeile? My gosh!

Still laughing. Also, remember Alex Gonzalez?

Man, these guys were pretty big in the early 2000's.

Pack 36- Last pack. Good news is we can see signs of life here.

Man, those are some names I haven't heard since 2007.

Albert Pujols gets the Total Award Winner insert. Luis Gonzalez...can you believe he's the D-Backs all-time Home Run leader?

Two big-hitters that are basically the same player. Which means is Bagwell eventually gets into Cooperstown, Helton better follow.

That's the box. It was fun, it was cool, it was impossible to finish.

I'm gonna be getting a few more boxes out soon, ones I have in my image files. A more recent one in particular is coming soon.


  1. Buehrle got a ring in 2005 World Champion White Sox!!

    1. and that sound you heard was my head slamming against the wall for forgetting that.