Monday, October 19, 2015

It's Not Looking Too Good...

All I'm thinking about right now is Rocky.

You've all seen Rocky. I've seen it a million times, and that's cause I'm from Philly. You know how it goes. Million to one shot gets up against the very best. Gets knocked down, stays on his feet for the end of the round. Loses by default, basically. But he's still triumphant that he's stayed on his feet.

I mean, yeah, great ending, deserved the Oscar, but...didn't everybody in that theater want Rocky to win the fight? I mean yeah, Apollo Creed is great and all, but the movie is not called Creed. That is an entirely different movie in the franchise, and hopefully one where somebody named Creed wins.

Why the hell do you think they made a Rocky 2. Because he needed to win one. It was a disappointment that he didn't win the first one, because they built it like he was gonna win, and they built it like he was gonna take it...and he lost, yeah, and people went "yeah, that's a great ending", but it wasn't satisfying enough. Any sports movie, main guys got to win. It's a law. Rocky 2, they did it right, because Rocky wins.

That's how this NLCS is making me feel right now. The narrative this season has had thus far is 'hey, look at how amazing the Cubs are. They could actually win this whole thing'. The Cubs have one of the best pitchers in baseball, Jake Arrieta...and there the Mets go chewing him out for their second win so far, going to Wrigley.

I mean, yeah, the Cubs can lose some games, but not like this. Cubs aren't really trying. They're just allowing themselves to be taken out by the Mets, like the whole season hasn't meant anything. This is gonna turn out like Rocky, where they're gonna be toe-to-toe with the Mets, and they're still not gonna come out on top. And I'm gonna hate it, because I love how amazing the Cubs have been thus far, and I don't want this story to end.

Once they get back to Chicago, there needs to be a complete turnaround. They need to start hitting again, or else the Mets are gonna win, and they're gonna destroy what could have been the feel-good hit of the year.

I will say this though. If they end up on their backs this year...that means next year they get to win it for Adrian. That means they get to win when it really means something.

Hoping for the best for the Cubs, while still prepared for either outcome.


  1. Same here. I have nothing against the Mets, but I'd much rather see the Cubbies take it. It's going to be a long week.

  2. Not easy to stay hopeful at 0-2. There is a silver lining though, as far as I'm concerned. It seems like in past 30 years the Cubs teams that made it to the postseason were built for that year, with a much older group of players. This team is built for the future so there's a much better chance that they get better over the next few years rather than sliding back. Still, they did take four out of the first five playoff games this season. That's what they have to do now. Maybe some home cooking will revive them. How sweet it would be to overtake the Mets. Some of us did live through 1969.