Saturday, October 3, 2015

It Was Worth a Shot

With a win by the Royals today, the Minnesota Twins were officially ousted from playoff contention, as they have absolutely no chance to contend with Anaheim and Houston for that all-important second Wild Card spot.

This was definitely a long time coming, but there is definitely something valiant about how the way the Twins fought this season, even if a lot of people argued that they had absolutely no shot. The ability to claw their way from a proposed last place finish, to being atop the AL Central for about a week, takes serious skill, and this team has a lot of that.

Plus, the way they were able to ram right back into the playoff race this month, taking the Orioles and Indians out of it, and stayed right up there with the Astros and Angels up 'til the very end, takes a lot of endurance.

I really don't know what's next for this team, or if anything will come of them for 2016, but I know that this amount of growth, even out of what many people thought was absolutely nothing, deserves so much respect.

Now let's see which AL West team wants it more.

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