Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Apologies to Texas


Just...just oof.

I didn't think all of Texas would be ousted from the AL race in one night.

And both teams were playing really well, too. The Astros, I think, had more of a chance than the Rangers, but both had the opposing teams on the ropes, and had legitimate shots for a while., because neither one sealed the deal in Game 4...they're gonna be watching the ALCS from the sidelines, and THAT pains me. They were right there.

Even worse is now I have to shell out this beautiful custom NOW, instead of waiting until further into the postseason to reveal it, classily. Because I thought the Astros would be playing the Blue Jays. I thought they had the Royals. But...the Royals were able to come back.

it's a shame. Two great teams, too, that would have been great in the next rung. But, alas....

I'm fine with a Royals-Jays series, but I feel like that was a bit predictable. Like, I even predicted it a few weeks ago.

Good job, Rangers and Astros. Hell of a bunch of ALDS'.

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