Saturday, October 17, 2015

NLCS: Black Cats Need Not Apply

In one corner, the Webster's definition of an underdog team, a team that has not clinched a division in 12 years, a playoff run marred by the action of a guy trying way too hard to do the Bartman (and the collective groan from the audience bellows through the blogosphere), looking hotter than they've looked in over a hundred years, with superior hitting, pitching, and managing. Coming for your curses, your wins, and your title, THE CHICAGO CUBS!!!

Taking them on at home, a team whose last taste with the postseason helped create one of the most boring World Series' of all time, with the Cardinals-Tigers matchup in 2006. They've been waiting since 2000 to get back, and waiting since 1986 to win. Plus, they're used to breaking the hearts of fans waiting for a curse to be broken. Wielder of the black cats, the broken mirrors, and the barrage of goats, a team whose roster is packed with hitters, the best pitching staff in baseball, and a guy that may have a shot at NL MVP. Bandwagoners beware...IT'S THE NEW YORK METS!!!

Let's have a nice, awesome, fun series.

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