Saturday, June 23, 2012

2 Rack Packs of Topps Series 2

Due to the fact that I'm missing the Philly Show this weekend, I figured I'd treat myself to cards anyway. I scooped up some Series 2 packs at the local Target (I got a pack of Archives too, but that's a story for another post). This is only my second taste of the product, and it's a lot better than Series One.

Rack Pack 1-
402- Allen Craig.
450- Justin Upton. Probably the more accomplished of the Upton Brothers.
556- Stephen Strasburg. Now that Stras-mania is over, can we at least agree that Stephen's a really good pitcher?
387- Joakim Soria, the Artist Formerly Known as the Mexicutioner
560- JA Happ. Former Philly.
548- Charlie Furbush. Acquired in the Doug Fister deal.
651- Ryan Sweeney
487- Eric Sogard
Mike Schmidt A Cut Above. I love these inserts. They remind me of a mid-2000's Topps flagship.
Golden Moments of David "Big Poopi" Ortiz. These, on the other hand, I could do without.
429- Michael Bourn. We took a gamble and traded this guy to Houston. To paraphrase Sheldon Cooper, "That's an awfully big gamble, considering the prize is Brad Lidge."
565- Dan Uggla. Had quite a streak last year.
547- Jason Giambi. Career is on the downslope.
357- Aaron Harang. Never really appealed to me. Even if he's pitching well this season.
577- Dallas Braden. Pitched a no-hitter 2 years ago. What happened, man?
378- Brandon League
385- David Murphy. Is this guy the king of awesome Topps Cards? With his 2009 card, and now his current one, he's a certain Cardboard Appreciation Hall of Famer...on another blog that better not sue me for using the name of an ongoing series.
580- Tony Campana.
630- Logan Morrison. When will he bloom?
351- Corey Hart. Card back says he's an avid card collector. Hey, what a coincidence. Nobody should be saving your cards, dude.
479- Johan Santana. Earlier this year I said he was basically done, and would never return to his highs as a Twin. Also, I never tire of being wrong.
551- Pete Best...oh, I mean Joe Blanton. Yeah, that's who I just compared him to.
419- Cameron Maybin. Is thankfully returning to what he was hyped for.
652- Grant Balfour. I've never heard of most of these A's pitchers. This is an exception, mate.
558- Wade Miley. I'm not gonna make the Joel McHale reference. Somebody do it for me.
579- Dan Uggla checklist.
A-Rod Gold Standard
Desmond Jennings Gold Futures
A silly little ad for Topps' app. Yeah, no.
608- Paul Goldschmidt.
480- JJ Putz. Finally had a comeback last season. Now what?
346- Dillon Gee.
552- Kyle Drabek. Has yet to grow his father Doug's trademark facial hair. This disappoints me.
631- Ryan Kalish
492- Rickie Weeks. This guy has such good poses for cards
527- Aaron Hill. Just hit for the cycle. Does anyone care?
514- Brian Roberts. Hoping for a season that lasts more than 100 games from this guy.

Pack 2-
415- Rafael Furcal.
519- Gio Gonzalez. I really hope this isn't photoshopped. The man's having a great season.
476- Ramon Hernandez.
656- Carlos Santana. Fun Fact- once toured with Rob Thomas.
546- Matt Thornton.
597- Hank Conger. The Master of Appearing in Other Peoples' Cards
507- Norichika Aoki. There's a rookie I need. Now, all that matters are Yu Darvish and that other guy that Topps makes so hard to find.
534- Hector Gomez
Roy Halladay A Cut Above. Both of these I pulled to day have been Phillies. Win.
Golden Moments of Ryan Howard while we're at it. Please get healthy.
Jim Palmer Mound Dominance. I like these.
365- Aramis Ramirez.
654- Yovanni Gallardo. Good pitcher.
587- Chris Johnson
557- Zach Cozart
452- Robert Andino
624- Gerardo Parra
588- Mark Ellis.
601- Dan Haren. Where's the love for this guy?
513- Gaby Sanchez. Is kinda overrated
635- Brett Gardner. Please come back.
488- Nick SWISHAAAAHHH! Finally having a good season.
398- Buster Posey, who has gained my respect.
610- Cody Ross, my new least favorite player
554- RAAAAAUUUUUUUULLLLLL Ibanez, in a Yankee uniform. Photoshopped in, obviously. Yanks don't like goatees.
640- Jemile Weeks. Just as entertaining as his brother.
Joe Dimaggio Gold Standard
Dominic Brown Gold Futures. I've done well with inserts in this pack.
585- Jimmy Paredes
542- Jeff Samarsidnsjefokgjdgfdslsa.
632- Joe Nathan. Welcome back, buddy.
593- Marco Scutaro
520- Ryan Adams
645- Kyle Seager. Man, that guy's having a great season.
529- Luke Hughes
589- Alex Gonzalez

Great packs. Especially for Yankees and Phillies fans like me.

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