Friday, June 15, 2012

New Card Shop- Packs Galore!

It's not everyday that a new sports collectables shop opens up near me. There used to be a really good one not too far away, but I haven't been there in so long that it's probably closed down. In the past year a LCS opened up very close to my high school. So today, now that school's out, I finally went for a look. They're very nice people, with a pretty decent selection, and an emphasis on Philadelphia collectables.

This is just stuff I pulled out of the quarter bins:
2002 Topps Archives Donovan McNabb
2009 Topps National Chicle Asante Samuel
1989 Upper Deck Randall Cunningham CL. Why did they stop doing this with the checklists? When they ended in 2009, a checklist was just a card of another guy with a different photo. Originality, please?
2006 Topps Brian Westbrook. Hope he's still playing
The steal- 2004 Topps Jason Babin rookie. Very nice, and underpriced.

2012 Topps Domonic Brown, Placido Polanco. Two I didn't have.
2012 Topps Gypsy Queen Cole Hamels.
2007 Heritage Ryan Madson. Of the recent heritage sets, this and this years are my personal favorites. Maybe the colorful designs have a hand in it.
2007 SP Authentic Jimmy Rollins
2006 Upper Deck First Pitch Hot Stove Headlines of Jim Thome joining the White Sox. One of my favorite insert sets from UD. Close to finishing it, too.
The Steal (and I mean it)- 2000 Fleer Tradition Jimmy Rollins. That's right...I got a Jimmy Rollins rookie for 25 cents. It's amazing.

Of course, I figured I'd get a few packs as well, which they had.

2012 Gypsy Queen-

Pack 1-
296- Tom Seaver. Hands down the greatest Met of all time. Though David Wright is getting close.
232- Joe DiMaggio. Where have you gone?
225- Albert Belle. Such a fearsome athlete.
143- Dustin Pedroia. On the downslope.
120- Mickey Mantle. I'm a Yankee fan, and even I've had enough Mantles in Topps products
Sliding Stars of Jacoby Ellisbury. I still love these inserts
244- Roger Maris Straight Cut mini
194- Torii Hunter.
102- Pedro Alvarez
207- Matt Domiguez

Pack 2-
229- Ty Cobb.
226- Johnny Bench.
170- Cliff Lee. What a pitcher...just wish he'd get a win.
49- Adrian Beltre. Okay, I get it...he's not Mr. Overrated anymore
80- Ryan Braun
Sliding Stars of Ryan Braun.
3- Billy Butler Straight Cut mini
156- Michael Bourn. Oh, that Brad Lidge trade continues to cause me pain.
85- Adam Jones. Hey, Seattle? How did Erik Bedard turn out for yo- ohhhh, that's right...
144- Andrew McCutchen. Take notes, everybody.

Pack 3-
106- John Danks.
284- Todd Helton. Wish his numbers were enough to push him into HOF territory
115- Kurt Suzuki. Still not the most popular Suzuki in the AL East
299- Mike Carp
122- Casey McGehee
279- Jeff Niemann Black Mini
64- Jason Kipnis
169- BJ Upton
88- Erick Aybar


Pack 1-
78- Daniel Murphy
165- CJ Wilson. I wish he'd have the numbers he had last year
370- Koji Uehara
310- Jerry Sands. Remember, kids. I made him famous!
130- David Freese. Not played by Arnold Schwarzenegger
425- Wilson Betemit. Such terrible luck
New Age Performers of CHIPPAH JONES! How is he new age?
68- Vogelsong and Ethier, Friendly Foes. Yeah, right.
94- WIIIILLLSOOOOON Ramos. Glad he's okay.

Pack 2-
361- Alex Rodriguez. What a goofy grin. Hey, still a great player though.
116- Vance "The Vanimal' Worley.
347- CHIPPAH Jones. I sense a theme.
128- Seth Smith.
372- Scott Downs
34- Josh Collmenter
New Age Performers of Jered Weaver. There's a new age performer. Not Chippah.
48- Manny Acta
119- Matt Downs

And as a bonus, I went to Target and got some more Archives

78- Miguel Montero
130- Giancarlo Stanton
199- Mark Reynolds. I did a 84 custom of his teammate JJ Hardy
17- Mat Latos
175- Justin Morneau
34- Jaime Garcia
84- Nyjer Morgan. Make sure kids aren't watching when you yell the f-bomb in front of a TV audience
139- Ivan Nova. A double, so this instead goes into the regular binder
187- Nolan Ryan. Same with this one.
28- Melky Cabrera. Not this one. Though for some reason he's having a good season
42- Aroldis Chapman. Another double
125- David Freese.
80- Troy Tulowitzki.

All in all, great packs, and a hobby shop I'll be going back to soon.


  1. Chippah is Timeless.

    oh, and a 1989 Cunnigham CL??? wasn't UD's first football set in 1991?

  2. Then I meant 91 then. I took a wild guess.