Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Custom Card of the Day: Dice-K Edition


Remember this guy?

I'm sure a lot of Boston fans are seeing this custom, and swearing it's been locked away for five years. Because it's incredibly weird to see Daisuke Matsuzaka still pitching these days. It's kinda like, toward the end of Fernandomania, when he stopped pitching really well, and started becoming, well, Fernando Valenzuela. Dice-K's story is kinda echoing Fernando's except with a lot more injuries and from a different part of the world.

I have a bit of respect for Dice-K, surprisingly, considering the way he blanked my Yankees back in 2007. He was a very good pitcher back then, which is why I kinda feel for the guy when he's pitching out of injuries and succumbing to the MLB Blues. Because he really is a great pitcher, and the fact that he's been injured so many times have hindered this fact.

Oh well. At least they still have Beckett.

Coming Tomorrow- The sole reason people are coming to Blue Jays games besides Lawrie and the new uniforms.

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