Sunday, June 17, 2012

Custom Card of the Day- Thome Edition


I've said too many times that Jim Thome made me become a Phillies fan. For three years he was an outstanding first baseman, and he could hit really well for us. When he left, yeah, I wasn't too happy, but Ryan Howard took his place full time and retained my love of the team. Of course, in those years since I still held a soft spot for Thome, who played for four other teams before rejoining the Phils this season.

Thankfully he's been a monster at the plate lately, hitting home runs as well as he used to. And also, like when he was on the team nine years ago, the team isn't doing very well. All I keep seeing is "Thome hits homer in loss to (insert team here)". And it's kinda sad. The year Thome rejoins the team is the same year the Phillies start tanking. Of course, it's mainly because Utley and Howard are out, but I blame the whole thing on David Freese. I don't know why...I just feel like blaming him.

 But still, Thome's been hitting like a champ for us, and that's really all I need to hear. He's a definite Hall of Famer, and while he may not go in with a Philadelphia uniform, Topps will still make cards with him in one long after he's retired. 

(I hope).

Coming Tomorrow- Tim Wakefield just retired. Somebody needs to step up to the Knuckleballer Throne! Somebody call the guy who just threw a one-hitter (as far as the MLB is concerned) in Flushing!

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