Friday, June 29, 2012

Custom Card of the Day: Rizzo Edition


Oh, the timing on this one. 

This post, which was supposed to be hailing the new rookie sensation for the Cubs, could not have come at a worse time for the team. This is brought to you by the same man who said the 2012 Phillies would clinch, and that Carlos Beltran would do nothing to help the Cardinals.

I made this custom two days ago. You know what else happened two days ago? The Cubs were repeatedly smashed against the side of the Citifield wall. It was kinda like a car kinda had to watch, but you felt bad doing it. And every time you'd poke your head in, things would get worse, or Ike Davis would hit a home run. It was ugly.

But, three days ago, all was well in Chicago. Anthony Rizzo was making his Cubs debut, or, according to stupid people, his ML debut. He played some games for the Padres last year people. Don't act like he's a rookie monster. Just because he's coming up huge this year doesn't mean he's a rookie (ESPN, you may wanna listen up. Mike Trout played games last year. A few of them, actually). 

And Rizzo actually hit well in his first game up. True, he didn't do as well as some other people back from the minors after a season away (Yeah, I'm still pretty happy about Utley), but he got some hits and riled the Chicago crowd, needing something to be amused by.

Of course, this amusement wore off, as the Cubs fell victim to the Mets...over, and over, and over again. And that was just in one game. Matter of fact, that game will be my supply of "Cubs are bad" jokes for the rest of the year. My work is cut out for me! 

Still, for a team that's been doing so poorly, a star rookie kinda needed to rise up, and I'm glad Rizzo's hitting so well. Him and Castro are some of the few Cubs that are playing the game correctly. 

Coming Tomorrow- The AL's version of "Eastern second-baseman coming back from injury and finally getting back into the swing of things, much to the joy of the crowd". While Utley may have won over the crowd a lot faster, this guy is helping his team to the top of the AL East.

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