Friday, June 29, 2012

A Message to Ruben Amaro Jr.

Dear Mr. Amaro,

Quite obviously, this season hasn't been the best for the Philadelphia Phillies. The loss of our two biggest stars have caused the offense to cave in on itself, and our best pitchers have gone onto the DL. It's a season of turmoil, and it's a season whose outcome is hazy at this moment. I know it's part of your job to make the team stronger, but according to sources, you're attempting to trade one of its biggest hitters, and most beloved players.

I realize that Jim Thome does not have the speed, or even the strength, he had about ten years ago. He's not gonna play everyday, and his career is on the downslide. That being said, the man has been hitting beautifully ever since coming back off the DL. He's hit countless home runs, and has given the fans something to hope for. Jim Thome is one of the few bright spots in the lineup, and for the period before Chase Utley came back, him, Hunter Pence and Carlos Ruiz were some of the only people doing most of the hitting.

Jim Thome is one of the things we NEED right now. So why are you telling AL teams that he's open?

Is it because he doesn't play everyday? That shouldn't be a reason to trade the guy? Is it because Ryan Howard's coming back? Even still, we might need someone to play backup every once and a while. Is it because you don't like him? That shouldn't factor into it. Is it because he's forty? He can STILL HIT! Is it because he's not gonna rack up 20 or 30 homers? You shouldn't look for that in him.

I just don't see a good reason to give up Jim Thome. Sure, you have people like Hector Luna and Ty Wiggington waiting in the wings...but Luna can kinda play any infield position. Ty Wiggington may be the reason, because he's the starter and he hits pretty well. But I don't think the fans like him as much as Thome.

Either way, it's up to you. Trade Thome, for all I care. Keep Wiggington. The fans are gonna hate it, because they love Thome, and whoever gets Thome is gonna be really lucky.


Jordan Schmidt
The Mint Condition kid

P.S.- Don't trade Hamels and Rollins.

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