Saturday, June 9, 2012

Finally New Cards! Series 2 and Archives Rip!

I haven't bought a pack of cards since early May. I've had a busy couple months, dealing with schoolwork and whatnot, but after a yard sale earlier today I finally had some money to spend. I went down to Target and got some cards I'd been waiting a while for, including Archives and Series 2

Archives Pack 1-
118- Desmond Jennings. Not bad for a first card pulled.
169- Michael Morse. I really like the cardstock for this set, but I wish it was like a Heritage kinda thing.
42- Aroldis Chapman. Currently Cincinnati's only hope
80- Troy Tulowitzki. Nice player.
187- Nolan Ryan. That's a nice pull.
28- Melky Cabrera. Yeah, whatever, who cares about batting average. He's still terrible.
78- Miguel Montero.One of the few catchers who have yet to get hurt badly.
152- Johnny Cueto. Wow, I'm surprised this didn't end up in one of Night Owl's packs
18- Tom Seaver. Ryan and Seaver in the same rack pack. That's luck.
67- Justin Verlander. Probably one of the best current pitchers.
Cliff Lee Cloth Sticker. Oh, this is so cool.
27- Jose Valverde. So glad he's back to earth this season.
87- Clay Buchholz. Hasn't really made much of an impact to me. Sorry, Boston.
139- Ivan Nova. Alright, keep it up, man.

Pack 2-
2- Nick Swisher. Having a good start.
52- Geovany Soto. Career's practically over. Waiting for him to break his leg or something.
102- Dee Gordon. Heyyy...I did a 1980 Dee Gordon last year...ripoffs.
43- Wade Boggs Shiny Card. Very nice.
53- Adam Wainwright. Where's his rebound?
141- JP Arencibia, the prospect Topps has done a million, billion cards of, and yet I've never seen him actually do something.
154- Starlin Castro. Yeah, that's more like it. Why are there so many Arencibia cards when there should be more cards of Starlin Castro. He's a really good player.
58- Tommy Hanson. Gets injured every season.
111- John Axford. Looks like a nephew of Sam Elliot.
162- Jayson Werth. Okay, now that he's started hitting, can we lay off the hating on him?
Joey Votto Topps 3D. Jee, I'd really love a back to these cards.
108- Cliff Lee. Oh, I wish he were having a better season.
159- David Price. Insert usual Adam Sandler reference here.
41- Corey Hart. Insert "Sunglasses at Night" joke here.

I really, really, REALLY like that product. I might even start collecting the set.

Series 2 Pack 1-
497- Andrew McCutchen. Great way to start the series. He's such a fun player to watch.
440- Chien-Ming Wang. I'll always root for this guy, even when he's playing against the Yankees. And so will The Country of Taiwan.
344- Nelson Cruz. A tiny bit overrated.
364- Brandon Beachy
506- David Ortiz. I don't hate Ortiz. I only hate Pedroia, Ellisbury, Beckett and YOOOOOUK
641- Derek Jeter CL
637- Brad Brach
A Cut Above insert of Sandy Koufax. This insert set is really cool, so much better than a lot of the stuff from Series 1. And it's a die-cut. That's awesome.
Golden Moments of Paul Molitor. And back to the crappy inserts.
Mound Dominance of Dennis Eckersley. Another good inserts set. You bloggers aren't giving Topps enough credit.
559- Brandon Dickson
432- Wei-Yin Chen. Another Taiwanese Baseball Player. My dentist and the country of Taiwan enjoy this.
360- Nelson Cruz cl. Still overrated.
638- Derek Lowe. Jeez, how is he still playing?
336- Gavin Floyd. And the White Sox still believe in this guy why?
599- Zach Britton. I always confuse the Orioles pitchers.
653- Jordan Walden.
455- Jed Lowrie. Still reeks of Boston
546- Matt Thornton
625- Tommy Hunter
515- Willie Bloomquist. Why is he still playing?
373- Carlos Gonzalez
425- Carlos Zambrano. Surprisingly doing very well, despite being at the bottom of the charts last year...and the year before. Wait...those weren't charts, those were lists in Alphabetical Order
500- Alex Rodriguez. Oh yeah.
337- Glen Perkins
568- Jason Castro. Hey, isn't that the dreadlocked guy from American Idol who was always...dazed?
420- Barry Zito. If anyone was gonna be #420, shouldn't it be Tim Lincecum? I keed, I keed
Gold Standard of Chippah Jones. Blah. Not Chipper, the insert
Chris Sale Gold Futures. Got that right.
338- Jose "Not George" Costanza.
604- Juan Abreu. Once you've seen Juan Abreu, you've seen them all. (ducks tomatoes due to terrible joke).
578- Wade Davis
475- Chris Dickerson
359- Danny Espinoza. Winner of the Danny Valencia award of "Winning a rookie cup for being good despite not doing anything, and then fading into obscurity."
535- Joe Mauer. I really hope he finishes his career strong.
404- Jonathan Sanchez. Stupidly given up for Melky Cabrera.

Pack 2-
567- Mike "No wait, I'm not that crappy 90's pitcher. My name is GIANCARLO! That's the ticket" Stanton.
655- Ryan Doumit.
614- Andruw Jones. Oh, what could have been a Hall of Famer.
388- Chase Headley LaMarr
537- ICHIRO! They're back to just calling him Ichiro again. Very nice.
616- Tyler Pastornicky. I wonder if Pastor Nicky Tyler is a big fan of his.
423- Colby Rasmus. He better be good.
427- Rafael Dolis
A Cut Above of Cal Ripken. Very nice.
Golden Moments of Steve Garvey
494- Darwin Barney
469- Vinny Pestano
569- Travis Hafner. The back tells of a walk off homer against Toronto...which occurred during the Cleveland Game I attended last year. And boy was it an awesome homer.
411- Tsuyoshi Nishioka. I love his face.
380- Daniel Murphy.
401- Kenley Jansen
644- Andy Dirks
603- Lonnie Chisenhall. Great young player
583- Josh Tomlin
403- Bronson Arroyo.
334- Anthony Rizzo. Hopefully he'll become a star in Chicago.
447- Jair Jurrjens
407- Torii Hunter. Great card, with a laughing Hank Conger behind him.
362- Dayan Vicedio
396- The 3rd Hottest Rookie Card of the Year, YOENIS CESPEDES! YAY!
657- Dave Sappelt
Gold Standard of Derek Jeter
Jacob Turner Gold Futures
544- Josh Collmenter
550- Ian Kinsler.
349- Tim Lincecum. Needs to get back to his prime.
417- Carlos Pena. Has taken the place of Ellis Burks as the guy who only does good against the Yankees. And he effing kills us.
509- Travis Snider
348- Alfonso Soriano. Great player.
405- Nathan Eovaldi
353- John Mayberry. Nice way to end it.

Two very strong products today. I especially like Topps Archives, and I might collect it.

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