Thursday, June 28, 2012

Custom Card of the Day: Youk Edition


Is it bad that I waited until Kevin Youkilis was out of a Boston uniform to make a custom of him? Naw. He deserves it.

The first time I saw Youk play, it was in a Spring Training Game, on St. Patrick's Day. Which means tons of beer-sipping Boston fans were around us in Ft. Myers, watching the 2006 Red Sox attempt to look cool. First of all, I thought it was hysterical that the Sox were starting a breakfast cereal in center in place of Johnny Damon. (Said breakfast cereal is currently with Oakland, and he's not so GRRRRRREAT)

Then, whenever Kevin Youkilis got up, the entire stadium of Sox fans all shouted at once a thunderous yet slightly drunken howl of "YOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUK!" I thought they were booing him. This was the same confusion that led to my aunt always thinking Yankee fans would boo Lou Piniella. 

Of course, sometime after this, we saw a Yankees-Red Sox game, in the blistering heat, at the Stadium. And who comes beating down on my Yankees but Youk. This was before he started growing the trademark goatee that overstays its welcome and latches onto the underside of the chin (Kids, this is why we don't use Scott Spiezio as a role model). Still, he had a number of hits against us that day, and it kinda hurt. 

Our luck being our luck, how many other teams besides the Yankees did Youk repeatedly beat with a tire iton? Zero. Whenever Youk would play the Yankees, from 2006 to about 2010, he'd be on his game, to the point where it would be hard to whack the final mole and end the game. 

So, in a span of two years, Kevin Youkilis transformed from a harmless figure for (insert third drinking joke here) Bostonians to worship, into the second coming of Ellis Burks. And I did not like this guy one bit.

Granted, I'm kinda relieved that he's in Chicago right now, but I'll admit that I'll miss booing him. I'll miss repeatedly trashing the man, and I'll kinda wince when I move Youk down a few slots on my Least Favorite Players list (Cody Ross, meet the top spot. Top spot, meet Cody Ross).

One thing I won't miss- him hitting homers every time he played the Yankees. Hopefully this will cease in Chicago, where there are nicer, friendlier, more sober fans to yell "YOOOOOOOOUUUK!"

Coming Tomorrow- Speaking of Chicago, a prospect finally reaches his prime on the north side. Coincidentally, this one also got his start in Boston, but made his way here through a bunch of trades.

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