Monday, June 25, 2012

Custom Card of the Day: Nova Edition


Last year, the Yankees got lucky. 

Their offense alone pushed them into the playoffs, though helped slightly by their...uhh...interesting pitching staff. Sure, there was CC, but we had inconsistent players like Phil Hughes and AJ Burnett, and then we had oddballs like Bartolo Colon (and his Cuban mystery cream) and Freddy Garcia. It was a weird year, and we had a weird pitching staff.

Thankfully, most of the staff was purged, and only Sabathia, Hughes and Garcia survived. Although the one pitcher that improved the most this season was the man you see above. 

(Gives Toronto, Baltimore, Boston and Tampa fans a second to recover from wincing in fear of the man at the top of the post)

People have been calling Sabathia the star of the show, and people have said that Kuroda has been commandeering it well. But really, Ivan Nova is the most dominant of the Yankee pitchers right now. He's pretty imposing, and he can go innings without giving up runs. 

Just the sound of his name within a 5 mile radius of Boston makes Bobby Valentine crap himself.

Now it's true that the entire pitching staff has been doing pretty well this season, and they're all equally good. But Ivan Nova's really, really, really good, and he gives Yankee fans exactly what they want.

In other words, he is the anti-Michael Pineda.

Coming Tomorrow- He shares a surname with a weird bodybuilder, a first name with absolutely no one, and a skillset with some of the best shortstops in Braves history.

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