Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Custom Card of the Day: Romero Edition


You know, it's tough being in 4th place. Too bad the Jays have gotten so good at it.

It's a decent enough team, with people like Joey Bats and Ricky up there playing good baseball, but at the end of the day they lack the strength to contend with the Yankees, Rays or Orioles right now. Hell, they can beat the Red Sox all they want, for all I care. 

Ricky Romero has established himself, not only as a decent starter, but as the Blue Jays #1 guy. Within the three years Romero has spent as a starter, he's had time to develop, and in his forth season he's pitching like a pro. Last season was really the breakout year, but now he's coming off as an everyday pitcher. Hopefully either good things will happen to his team...or he'll be traded to one that goes higher than 4th every year.

(BTW- Just a fact. Both 1984 customs I've done thus far have to do with Canada. The LaRoche was requested by a Canadian, and this one is a Canadian team. Don't be surprised if you see a 1984 Russell Martin, cause I'll make it happen.)

Coming Tomorrow- While his team attempts to make a third straight trip to the postseason, a second baseman continues to contend Robinson Cano for the All Star Game, and inadvertently piss an entire borough of New York off.  

Update- Post #850 for me! I guess that's a milestone...I dunno.

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