Saturday, June 23, 2012

Archives Collation Fail

You're not gonna believe this.

Today, as I mentioned earlier, I picked up a pack of Archives along with my Series 2 haul. I was eager, having ripped three packs already and damn near hooked on the stuff. And by the way, for personal reference, here's the post featuring the first two packs I ripped of the product. Its relevance will be explained later.

Now, here's the pack I opened today:

2- Nick Swisher
52- Geovany Soto
102- Dee Gordon
152- Johnny Cueto
37- Jose Valverde
87- Clay Buchholz
139- Ivan Nova
58- Tommy Hanson
111- John Axford
162- Jayson Werth
231- Jack Clark sp
53- Adam Wainwright
141- JP Arencibia
154- Starlin Castro

With the exception of Jack Clark, do all of those card look familiar?

The entire pack was doubles, without the Clark. The Clark is the only one I actually need for the set, and the rest...are just filthy doubles. Keep in mind...for a man with a craving for Archives, this was not the best pack to open, where he only gets ONE CARD out of it.

So, as for the doubles...does any Archives set collector require them? Offer me some Archives cards I don't have (remember, I ripped some earlier this week). This will make me very happy.

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