Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Custom Card of the Day: Perez Edition


Whenever Mariano Rivera isn't the #1 closer in the AL, I kinda have to take notice. He's the greatest closing pitcher of all time, and if he's not ahead of all others at this craft, something's not right. I realize he's on the DL right now, and that he might not have a lot of seasons left, but curiosity in me feels like knowing who's ahead right now.

Last year it was Jose Valverde. This was a big no-no. Valverde is one of my least favorite players, and if he was the best closer in the league last year, THE OTHER 13 WEREN'T TRYING VERY HARD!! Valverde's thankfully sucking it up this season. All is currently right with the world.

So if Jose Valverde or Mariano Rivera isn't the best closer in the AL, then who is?

Well, Chris Perez is. And I couldn't be happier about this.

For one thing, Chris plays for the Indians, a team which I have the utmost respect for. Perez is a fun closer, and his Indians are finally having a great season, prompting the surplus of saves. Perez made the All Star team last year, which was pretty nice. Cleveland thinks of him as a pretty big deal, which is great, because aside from the youngsters, there aren't that many stars on the Indians. Also, he's the newest in the long tradition of bearded closers.

I can get my head around the fact that Chris Perez has the most saves in the AL. I'm just glad it's not Brandon League

Or Jose Valverde

Coming Tomorrow- In the grand tradition of Atlanta pitching teams, from Spahn and Sain, to Maddux, Glavine and Smoltz, to the current young group right now. The apparently leader is tomorrow's man.

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