Thursday, August 16, 2012

Monster Retail Card Haul Part 2- Football

I had gotten zero packs of Topps Football from this year before this. So I got two boxes worth of the stuff. And it was worth it.

Box 1-

Guaranteed Patch- Tony Homo. If anyone wants this, please ask.

Pack 1-
261- Dustin Keller.  Not bad for a first card pulled from the product.
290- Roddy White.
29- Titus Young
Jordy Nelson Topps mini. Very cool insert set
Steven Jackson...Insert Name Unidentified. It looks like a 2006 SP Authentic kinda insert.
144- John Abraham. He's still playing?
22- Melvin Ingram
250- CAM NEWTON! Nice!

Pack 2-
387- Beanie Wells
23- Charles Johnson
373- Justin Tuck. Met him. Good guy. Very good at his position
318- Dwight Bentley GOLD #'D TO 2012
Jason Babin 65 mini. I love these.
17- Brandon Lloyd. Has been everywhere, man.
339- Billy Winn
61- Brandon Gibson. Former Philadelphia Eagle.

Pack 3-
127- DeSean Jackson. NICE!
103- Damian Williams
392- Shonn Green
129- Pat Angerer.
Maurice Jones-Drew Untitled Insert.
295- D'Qwell Jackson. He's really good.
318- Dwight Bentley
160- Mark Sanchez. One of the two sucky Jets QBs

Pack 4-
177- Aaron Rodgers MVP. Well deserved.
88- Dexter McCluster
26- Antonio Gates
Jim Kelly Reprint. I like these, although didn't they already do most of them back in 2010?
397- Cedric Benson. Now on the Packers
332- Nick Perry
42- Vick Ballard
343- 49ers TC

Pack 5-
303- Devin Hester. Best kick returner in the league
74- Doug Baldwin
349- Chris Ivory
Paramount Pairs of Dalton and Benson. One is now gone. Oh well.
333- Laurent Robinson.
356- Terrance Ganaway
48- Ryan Lindley
422- Giants Super Bowl card

Pack 6-
36- Ed Dickson.
231- Aldon Smith
102- Jaguars
222- Janoris Jenkins GOLD #D TO 2012
Marcell Dareus 65 mini
196- Curtis Lofton
286- Brandon Thompson
419- Derek Wolfe

Pack 7-
170- Ben Roethlisberger. Great QB, rebounded from a scandal like no one else.
254- Ravens
361- London Fletcher. Has been playing for a while.
247- Leonard Hankerson
Vincent Jackson Unnamed Insert
258- Randy Moss. Quick work by Topps, getting a card of this guy weeks after he announced he was joining the Niners. Thank God they didn't do a TO.
14- TY Hilton
120- Maurice Jones-Drew

Pack 8-
282- Panthers
78- Joe Flacco. Ran into him at a California Pizza Kitchen once. Really tall guy.
224- Jamaal Charles. Wouldn't it be fun for Ian McKellen to say his name? "Jamaal Chaals"
Bart Star QB Immortals. This is a nice insert set.
150- Larry Fitzgerald. He's a great player on a crappy team
226- Jonathan Martin
186- Nick Foles. Philly's newest backup QB. Because Mike Kafka's shift at McDonald's isn't allowing a return
255- David Nelson.

Pack 9-
16- Brian Cushing.One of the best linebackers in the league
67- Donald Brown
86- Sebastian Janikowski. That is a long time to be with the Raiders. He began with a winning season, and then sat through all those losing ones.
Jason Witten 65 mini
Colston and Thomas Paramount Pairs
173- Michael Bush. Because all those years with the Raiders can hurt. Take it from him, Sebastian.
6- Robert Turbin
366- Markelle Martin

Pack 10-
233- Chris Long
293- Brandon Pettigrew
227- Lance Briggs
403- Cowboys
Peyton Manning reprint. Have the 2010 version
222- Janoris Jenkins
195- Keshawn Martin. Because we needed another Keshawn
53- Jermichael Finley

Box 2-
Guaranteed Patch- Matt Hasselbeck. Slightly better than Tony Homo

Pack 1-
420- Jared Allen
27- Adrian Wilson. Cards need to improve.
409- Patriots team card. Good, I needed some kindling
434- Jason Witten
Jabar Gaffney Unnamed Insert
312- Greg Olsen
115- Stephen Hill
119- Arrellious Benn. One of the many overhyped 2010 rookies

Pack 2-
267- Felix Jones
148- Von Miller ROY. Lives in a Von down by the river
137- Jermaine Gresham. Thankfully his team is rebuilding
212- Courtney Upshaw GOLD #D TO 2012
65 Mini of Robert Mathis
238- Rams tc. They suck.
401- Mike Adams. Not the Rangers' reliever
223- Antonio Brown

Pack 3-
338- Anthony Fasano
152- Matt Ryan. One of the more overrated QBs in the league. He's good, but his team never makes it higher than the first round
255- David Nelson CAMO BORDER #'D TO 399! WOW! THAT'S A REALLY NICE ONE! Sucks he's on the Bills
Bradshaw and JPP Paramount Pairs. Met them both. JPP is surprisingly down to earth
259- Cardinals tc. How exactly did THEY end up in 2nd?
279- Brian Quick. The Rams sure do hope he lives up to his name.
378- Kendall Wright. Oh good, a rookie drafted in round one. I was waiting a while for one of those
50- Tim Tebow, shoddily photoshopped into a Jets uni. Either you love this guy or you're the rest of the world.

Pack 4-
430- VICTOR CRUUUUZ! Last year's breakout star.
436- Vonta Leach
406- Ryan Kerrigan
347- Matt Hasselbeck. He's not a great QB, but he's a great character whenever NFL Network wires him. His stuff is always funny. Him and Cortland Finnegan last year were like a comedy duo.
QB Immortals of possibly the most overrated one of all, Terry Bradshaw. Yeah, he was a great player, but the fact that he's a media bulldog, combined with his abundance of ESPN gigs, makes him the John Madden of QBs
155- Paul Pozlunsky
134- Ryan Tannehill, the Yoenis Cespedes of football. Wheras he's a great player, and he should be getting a lot of attention, but those two other rookies keep hogging it all. Still think he's awesome.
362- Andre Branch

Pack 5-
191- Connor Barwin
194- Julio Jones
Mark Sanchez 65 mini. Drama queen.
Frank Gore Unnamed Insert. I like these, but I wish they had a name
43- Giants tc. Will not happen again, at least for a while.
345- Riley Reiff
49- Eric Berry, another overyhyped 2010 rookie

Pack 6-
234- Davone Bess. Wonder how he's taking the Ochocinco thingy
288- Patrick Peterson. Awesome alliteration.
164- Vernon Davis. Kinda settling on the fact that he'll never be as big as Frank Gore.
132- Coby Fleener GOLD #D TO 2012
Joe Montana QB reprint. Didn't have this one reprinted. I have the actual one. Before you ask, no it's not for trade.
308- Michael Turner
3- Brandon Weeden. All eyes on this guy in Cleveland not to screw up like the last ten guys.
114- Jabaal Sheard. Another good Browns player. Shame they kinda suck.

Pack 7-
299- James Harrison. It is looking like this man will end up in Canton. This does not sit well with my Steeler hating mindset.
271- Austin Collie
24- Jason Avant. Another Philly unsung hero.
Bryant and Blackmon Paramount Pairs. Ohhhh, because they were buddies in College or something. Gotcha.
398- Ryan Matthews
151- Mohamed Sanu
212- Courtney Upshaw
439- Jets tc

Pack 8-
301- Mike Williams
96- Devery Henderson
101- Chargers tc. How did they end up placing higher than the Raiders?
Troy Aikman QB Immortals. Okay, that's an Immortal. He's a Cowboy legend, and Philly fans hate him, but he was a good QB. Now where's Staubach's card in this set?
123- Robert Mathis
289- David Wilson. Oh, to be the last pick of the first round...people will juuuust be tuning out by then, so the acclaim will be gone.
65- Marvin McNutt
62- Steve Johnson. Jeez, the Bills have such generic names.

Pack 9-
175- Ed Reed. It feels like most of the Ravens have been playing since the dawn of man.
98- Jon Baldwin
87- Joe Haden. Another good Brown.
163- Packers. Still wondering why the Giants kicked their ass.
Jimmy Graham Unnamed Insert
315- Mike Tolbert
149- Michael Egnew
284- Derrick Johnson. All players named Derrick have been playing for a while.

Pack 10-
168- Kyle Arrington
215- Marques Colston
302- Shane Lechler. Hey, you know which Raiders are awesome? The punter and the kicker. Too bad they never have to kick a field goal.
122- Jared Cook
337- Dre Kickpatrick GOLD #'D TO 2012
362- Andre Branch ALSO GOLD #'D TO 2012. Did I get a hot pack with 9 cards?
Percy Harvin 65 mini
64- Andy Lee
140- Andrew Luck, who was probably the largest expectations out of everyone in the league. Good luck, kid

So those were some nice boxes. The Luck and Tannehill were the highlights.

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