Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Custom Card of the Day: Marte Edition


Yeah, you can probably tell where I got the model for this card. Barry Bonds, the once marveled prospect for Pittsburgh, is a decent companion to the newest Pittsburgh star, Starling Marte, who famously hit a home run on the first pitch he ever saw. I can see why these two are being grouped together, but in reality, the two are far different.

Starling Marte has class. Barry Bonds doesn't. End of story.

Marte is probably the Pirates' #1 prospect currently, and the fact that he opened the way he did bodes well for the suddenly strong team. The 2012 season is a great success story for future historians, and if Marte becomes a part of this team, he'll only make the lead grow.

He could be Pittsburgh's future. Any future that doesn't put the team in last place is a good future indeed.

Coming Tomorrow- Speaking of rookies you need to pay attention to, this one from Flushing deserves some credit. 

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