Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Custom Card of the Day: Morgan Edition


That's a really cool throwback. I'll be saying this all week. Deal with me.

There are different levels of insanity in the Major Leagues. I should explain this is more detail.

1: Not crazy at all. Somebody like Derek Jeter.
2: Has one or two crazy traits. I'd say Zach Greinke isn't certified insane, but he's cerebral.
3: A few mannerisms under crazy. Like Bryce Harper. He isn't all clown questions...he's an onfield character.
4. Relatively Strange. I'll go with Prince Fielder on this one. Prince, while one of the best hitters in the game, is a definite character, and does some crazy things onfield.
5. Blatantly Weird. Torii Hunter is a good middleman. There's just something a bit off. Look at his 2008 Stadium Club card, or his this year's Topps card. There's something going on.
6. Basically Crazy. Ryan Roberts fits this one.  The man who earns the moniker "Tat-Man" isn't exactly peaches and cream.
7. Verging on Insane. That would be Nick Swisher. The man never turns off. He's not a baseball player, he's Jack Black's teenage brother.
8. Manny Crazy. I don't care if he's not playing at all this season, Mr. Ramirez still qualifies for the crazy chart.
9. Legitimately Insane. Who but Brian Wilson, the man who came to the ESPYs in a Sailor suit, complete with pipe?
10. Tony Plush. 

You see, when Nyjer Morgan came up with Pittsburgh in 2008, the man didn't seem remotely crazy. I believe it was during his time with Washington that the Tony Plush persona was spawned, and last year in Milwaukee it completely took over. 

The man should be committed is what I'm trying to say. He's a great player that makes a great character to watch, but his antics on and off the field make the man a bit nuts. Perfect example- last year, as the Brewers won the NLDS, Morgan was on camera, facing fans of both an old age and, especially, a young age. And what does he do?

He blurts out the f-bomb on live television. Great for all the kids that look up to you Nyjer.

And yet, for the Brewers, this display of sheer insanity has worked well. Morgan has become a star in Milwaukee, and he can play his position well. I have no idea how this adds up, but I'm kinda happy that it does. 

It's looking like Milwaukee will not repeat the glorious playoff run from last year, but Tony Plush will continue to parade around the outfield with a smile and a lack of self control.

Coming Tomorrow- One of the many survivors of the latest Astros purge.

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