Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Monster Retail Card Haul Part 1- Baseball

I guess you could say I was a bit discouraged.

I had some money singled out especially to go to that one card shop in Lake George, and it ends up being out of business. Just my luck, really. So how do I take out my aggression? By purchasing 2 retail boxes of Topps Football and 1 Cereal Box of Series 2. I'll post the football tomorrow, because that's a long-ass post in itself.

This box of baseball cards is very special, because...well you'll find out. I pulled something in this cereal box that I'm never gonna forget, and I'll end it at that.

416- Todd Helton. It's a shame he's on the DL. I think he belongs in Cooperstown
375- Drew Stubbs
356- HAH! Endy Chavez. The dude's been everywhere. He was on the Phils for a season.
370- Lyle Overbay.
358- Jacob Turner. Now on the Marlins.
404- Jonathan Sanchez. I think this guy got traded. Suits him right.
638- Derek Lowe. Please, don't make the bleeding worse, Derek.
336- Gavin Floyd. Former Philadelphia Phillie.
599- Zach Britton
653- Jordan Walden
422- Austin Jackson. Now that he's getting good again, I admit the trade still smarts a tiny bit
618- Eric Chavez. Oh, what could have been a great career, felled by injuries. Still hits pretty well.
335- Josh Satin
482- Chris Capuano
619- Tyler Greene. I think he's on the Padres now.
622- Daniel Hudson. Good pitcher, 2nd banana to Ian Kennedy
523- Jim Johnson. Man, what a closer he's become.
582- Shin-soo Choo. Wish he was doing better.
564- Jose Valverde. Go scream somewhere else. I actually love this card, but I hate him.
421- Heath Bell. Aw, he was so good last season...what happened?
620- Trayvon Robinson
395- Rod Barajas
346- Dillon Gee. Was once the team's ace. Is now injured. Haw, haw.
552- Kyle Drabek. His papa's probably pissed at his performance right now.
631- Ryan Kalish
569- Travis Hafner. The back mentions a walk off against Toronto...that was a game I attended.
394- Bryan LaHair. Because somebody had to get an All Star nod from the Cubs this year
516- Charlie Morton
591- Aubrey Huff. He needs to stop injuring himself in trivial ways.
357- Craig Gentry
477- Edinson Volquez. Ugh
363- Fernando Salas
562- Henderson Alvarez
602- Alejandro De Aza
414- Ryan Vogelsong
408- Jonny Venters
435- Jeff Baker.
409- Greg Holland. I have never heard of most of these Royals pitchers. Maybe that's why they suck.
491- Valverde cl. Oh, go away.
595- David Carpenter
652- Grant Balfour, mate
558- Wade Miley. When I was on a cruise, I met some people who were related to Wade, and said they watched when he fanned the Phillies. Dunno if inspired or pissed.
579- Dan Uggla cl
526- Casper Wells GOLD SHINY CARD
A Cut Above of Troy Tulowitzki
Golden Moments of Ryne Sandberg. Nice.
Career Day of Miguel Cabrera
87 mini of Justin Verlander
code card. I don't wanna know.
It's a Golden Moments game used dual card of Johnny Bench and Buster Posey.
THIS RIGHT HERE...Is the greatest thing I've ever pulled out of a pack. I mean this. One of the greatest catchers of all time paired with one of the greatest current catchers. This will be worth so much money.
389- Alexi Casilla
449- Shane Victorino. Gahh, still kinda hurts
369- Huston Street
481- Matt Harrison
397- Hector Noesi. Bluh.
410- Jeff Locke
460- Thomas Field
390- Taylor Green.

Well, there it is. That Posey/Bench game used is really, really nice. I'm very happy with it.

Tomorrow, some nice football cards.

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