Friday, August 3, 2012

Custom Card of the Day: Hanley Edition


I am back, but I'll be going away again in two days. Still, I'll have a laptop.

This guy was part of a monster infield for the Marlins throughout the 2000's. Mike Jacobs at first base, Dan Uggla at 2nd, Miguel Cabrera at third, and Hanley at short. It was a strong infield, and it's sad that it only lasted a few years. The party ended in 2008, when Cabrera was traded to Detroit, and Jacobs would fade into obscurity soonafter. But the impact that outfield made would still last.

The Dodgers really need the well playing infielder from the Marlins, especially in the batter's box. Hanley can hit, but not as well as the 2000's. The Dodgers need this, in order to pick up the pace and sweep the rug out from under the Giants.

Hanley could help them. All he has to do is hit.

Coming Tomorrow- He was awesome for the Cubs. Now why isn't he performing in Milwaukee?


  1. digging this card. very nice work. :)

  2. dude - what's the deal with these cards? do you make real ones? are they for sale or trade?

  3. Just keep making dodgers! :)

  4. @Stealing Home- I don't print these, or sell them in that matter, because if the photographer gets wind of it I might owe him a lot of money, and we don't want that. Although really, I have been pondering the idea of giving customs away via trades with bloggers.