Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Custom Card of the Day: King Felix Edition


I made this custom two weeks ago, between my weeks in North Jersey. I made one simply because Felix was having a great season, and deserved a better custom. Nothing more. I push it to next week, because this week was all traded people.

I get back this weekend, and make more. The whole Throwback week idea comes up, buries the Felix custom.

The Throwback Week thing is ruined by a lack of wifi. For a reason.

Today, I get back from Lake George, and I read that Felix threw a Perfect Game, which is amazing. And I haven't even put out a custom of it. Then I realize I have one.

So yeah...I inadvertedly predicted the future. We all do.

But that's a story for another conte- I mean post. Post. You hear that. I certainly wasn't hinting at an upcoming contest or anything. Hehehh....

Coming Tomorrow- Uhhmm...I need to make more. I'll have something for tomorrow.

1 comment:

  1. All Hail King Felix!! It hasn't been the greatest season here in the Northwest, but he is ours and we love him. No Yankees fans, you can't have any time soon or later.